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    Welcome to the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge Marketplace. Here you can explore the cities and communities of the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge, learn about the successfully deployed solutions which might be relevant to your city, or showcase the successful best practices of your city or community.

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  • Aarhus


    Aarhus has 1.2 million inhabitants within 1 hour’s drive and a university in the top 100 of the world’s 17.000 universities. This is instrumental in ensuring easy access to knowledge and labour of high international standards for the city’s businesses.

  • Cork


    Located on the south coast of Ireland, Cork City is the second largest city in Ireland and second largest English-speaking city in the European Union. Cork City is the key economic driver of the southern region of Ireland and has a population of over 210,000 people.

  • Espoo


    Espoo is the second largest city and the fastest-growing city in Finland, located next to the capital city of Helsinki. A diverse city of more than 289,000 people, Espoo is a home to 150 nationalities and 680 international companies. While most European cities reminiscent of the Middle Ages have one city centre, Espoo is truly a network city comprising five city centres.

  • Porto


    The city of Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and the ‘capital’ of the Northern region, which is the heart of industry in the country.

  • Botoșani


    Botosani, located in north east Romania, is a living cultural heritage. The city is the birthplace of many celebrated Romanians such as Mihai Eminescu, a Romanian poet, and Nicolae Iorga, one of Romania’s most important historians.

  • Gdansk


    Gdansk is one of the cities with the richest history in Poland. Located in a strategic place the city has played an important role throughout Polish history. Today the thousands of tourists can walk around the city and learn more about its history through the many museums.

  • Karlskrona


    Karlskrona, a city spread over 30 islands, is one of Sweden’s hidden gems. Karlskrona is Sweden’s only baroque city, some parts of the city are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Alcoy


    Alcoy is a blooming city situated in the Alicante province in Spain. The city’s rich history can be explored with different guided tours that will lead you around the city.

  • Mantova


    In between three artificial lakes lies Mantova. With its medieval and renaissance cityscape it is a perfect place for tourists to explore and enjoy what Northern Italy has to offer.

  • L'Aquila


    L’Aquila is the capital of the Abruzzo Region in central Italy. It is located near the Aterno River and is surrounded by the Apennines. L’Aquila is a modern college town, but its long history is not forgotten.

  • Rijeka


    Located by the Adriatic Sea in Croatia lies Rijeka. It is the third largest city in the Republic of Croatia and the center of Primorsko-Goranska County. Historically Rijeka has been influenced by numerous cultures and nations, you can find this influence in the architecture across the city. Because of its openness the city is known for its hospitality, tolerance and coexistence.

  • Budapest


    Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The Queen of the Danube is an architectural gem, with its frivolous buildings, bridges and squares is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world.

  • Sofia


    Sofia is the capital and most populous city of Bulgaria. Sofia’s population exceeds 1.3 million, 1.6 million within the surrounding region, over an area of 492 km², making it the 14th largest city in the European Union. Sofia is a city with a very eclectic style.

  • Derry City


    Derry City and Strabane District Council area comprises the second largest city in Northern Ireland and the fourth largest city on the Island of Ireland. Derry~Londonderry is the ‘Capital of the North West’ and is at the core of the only functional economic city region of its scale which straddles the border into the Republic of Ireland.

  • Jyväskylä


    The strategy of City of Jyväskylä, titled “Ahead of its time”, challenges us to be innovative, intelligent, and develop user-driven digital services.

  • Gijón


    The city of Gijón is located in Northern Spain. With 271.780 inhabitants, it is the most populated and industrial city of Principality of Asturias region.

  • Smart Mobile Pedestrian Counters for Events


    Installation of PYRO – BOX SMART mobile pedestrian counters and associated training and licensing costs. The counters are capable of operating accurately and reliably in all weather conditions and of being re-located for specific events and locations as required.

  • Traffic Technology Ltd


  • Pyro Box


    Pyro Box counters are capable of operating accurately and reliably in all weather conditions and of being re-located for specific events and locations as required.

  • Healthy Routes App


    Remote sensing is a technique of acquiring data from the Earth's surface from sensors installed on space platforms through the electromagnetic interaction between the field and the sensor.

  • Safe & Healthy Routes to School


    This project combines the traditional actions used for the implementation of school paths (design of optimal routes for girls and boys, horizontal signage, vertical signage) with new technologies to improve the safety of the routes and give confidence to the parents for their children to use.

  • Clean Air School Districts


    Poor air quality around schools is adversely affecting the health of children in modern cities. The challenge is to use data to drive awareness, behavioural modification and test new strategies for controlling emissions. The solutions being deployed empower citizen engagement models, via students, their families and schools.

  • Antwerp


    Antwerp is a bustling city in Belgium, home to the second largest port in Europe. Its rich history is showcased throughout the city. Each year around 85% of the world’s rough diamonds go through the Diamantwijk. In the 15th century it became a hub for traders and entrepreneurs. The port of Antwerp has had its fair share of challenges over the years, ranging from revolutions to World Wars, but these hardships have not prevented its continued growth.

  • CPH Sense


    CPH Sense is sensing as a service to gather deep insight into the environmental conditions of a city.

  • CASD Toolkit


    Clean Air School Districts Toolkit works with the curriculum, providing Flash cards, Method cards, fun experiments, activities, and links to other resources to help students, teachers and parents alike better understand air quality data an the possible mitigating actions that can be taken.

  • CASD App & Dashboard


    Clean Air School Districts app and dashboard is a holistic solution providing visualisation and alerts from sensor instruments for students, teachers, and parents to collaborate with the school management on improving the school’s indoor environment quality.

  • Bagnes - Verbier


    Bagnes - Verbier is located in the heart of the Swiss Alpine region. This rural city is well known from tourist with the giant ski resort of Verbier and not far away from the famous Grand-St-Bernard pass.

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  • Stavanger


    Situated in South West of Norway, Stavanger is the 4th largest city in Norway and the administrative, economic and cultural centre of Rogaland County.

  • Municipality of Fundão


    Fundão is located in Castelo Branco District, Centro region (NUT II), Cova da Beira sub-region (NUT III). Just over 250 kilometers from Lisbon, this small city wants to be the “home” of new information technologies.

  • Vienna


    The digitalisation of the City of Vienna is a primary strategic concern with great relevance for society and its institutions, for living together, business and politics.

  • Istanbul


    Istanbul is the most crowded city of Europe and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is influentially representing the City of Istanbul.

  • Pay-it-Forward


    Pay-It-Forward is a project in which IMM only acts as an intermediary. It is a solidarity platform where needy people are first subjected to social examination and allowed to upload their ISKI and IGDAS (water and gas) bills to the system. In the face of the emerging need, Istanbulites, who had the opportunity, can extend a helping hand.

  • IMM Open Data Portal


    The IMM Open Data Portal was created as the first step to release the data collected by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), and its affiliate companies regarding the services of the IMM to the city of Istanbul.

  • Zemin Istanbul Living Lab


    Zemin Istanbul was launched in September 2018, as a Guided Support Project within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency.

  • NoiseAbility


    Supporting the capacity for cities to understand noise from the viewpoint of citizens, using IoT at the heart of citizen-centric engagement. Our vision is to demonstrate that cities can holistically incorporate noise measurement into their management of urban spaces. This pilot supports the capacity for cities to understand noise from the viewpoint of citizens, using IoT at the heart of citizen-centric engagement; and with intelligent data at the core of city-based multi-layered responses. By linking noise monitoring to other city and citizen-centric data via USMART – a data integration and insights platform – and to the acceptability of noise to specific citizen ‘personas’, we can unleash a powerful predictive tool for noise planning, linked to other strategic city objectives to mitigate noise pollution. Our project will engage with citizens throughout the pilot using an online tool to track noise acceptability – establishing a relationship between specific user groups and noise types, levels, and duration – which will help to validate our citizen personas.



  • Data Sharing Platform for Better Transparency


    Opendatasoft is a European cloud based, SaaS platform, that allows governments and organisations to centralize, process, visualise, share and reuse data. Its intuitive interface allows non-expert users to easily browse and understand the data published by governments, whereas more technical users can benefit from the automated APIs, which enable the reuse of the data.

  • Blue Alpaca


    Our chatbot solution is an automated interaction tool that enables public entities to make information on Smart City services more easily accessible and usable by citizens; it's easy to use, available 24/7 and supports multiple languages.

  • Chatbot for Smart Cities


    Our product enables public entities to make all information on Smart City services more easily accessible and usable by citizens, through an automated interaction tool (chatbot) easy to use, available 24/7 and supporting multiple languages.

  • Air Quality Monitoring and Data Visualization


    HOPU manufactures IoT-based environmental monitoring devices called Smart Spots, which allow monitoring of air pollution, noise & flow/density of people. It measures gases such as NO, NO2, H2S, SO2, CO, CO2, and O3 in specific areas and in real-time; detect toxic substances such as alcohol and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and particulate matter (PM) to identify specific nanoparticles such as dust (PM10), pollens (PM10-PM40), pollutants (PM2.5), and viruses (<PM1).

  • Urban Sustainability Indicators for Smart Cities


    HOPU empowers urban innovation with disruptive technologies such as AI for environmental assessment, and IoT devices to monitor impact, sustainability, and the environment. HOPU has a service that simplifies available data in a unique indicator that contextualizes, models and forecasts the environment for supporting informed decision making of each territory, based on its specific characteristics, management team, and citizens.

  • Noise Monitoring


    HOPU provides IoT devices for noise monitoring in real-time. The noise sensor is ROHS/CE certified. It will be integrated into the IoT devices along with the other sensors for air quality monitoring, supposing a saving of maintenance, installation and communication costs.

  • Smart Irrigation System


    The Smart Irrigation Management System for Parks and Gardens enables an autonomous and real-time management of water resources in urban green spaces. This system offers a robust and integrated solution, which allows cities to efficiently manage irrigation based on accurate and real-time data and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Therefore, the solution configures irrigation in a sustainable way according to the needs of each park and garden, which implies a reduction in water consumption and a substantial improvement of urban green spaces.

  • Real-Time Pollen Detection


    The pollen service provides real-time accurate information related to contextual pollen count through a convenient dashboard. Thanks to real-time Particulate Matter (PM) monitoring and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the dashboard allows you to identify specific pollen species in each physical areas. Contextual data related to weather parameters such as humidity, temperature and wind speed are analyzed as they affect the amount of pollen grains present in the air. The enrichment of the data which correlates the PM size and the allergenic species integrates the influence of another other 6 different data sources: vegetation maps, weather historical data, pollen calendars & real-time monitoring of variables such as wind direction/force, humidity, temperature, etc.

  • Coral Reef™ Platform


    Bright Innovations has developed an open smart city platform called Coral Reef™. The Coral Reef™ platform is a technology ecosystem that connects and gathers data from an unlimited number of devices and sensors and available data sources and unifying the data to a single collaborative platform that grants accessibility to third party data users, thus creating a dynamic data marketplace, where legitimate data can be exchanged and even monetized. The platform also includes an app store for smart city application, open to multiple application developers.

  • A Comprehensive On-Street Parking Guidance System


    To provide drivers with a reliable overview of available parking spaces, 89 Cleverciti Sensors were installed by RheinEnergie under the supervision of Cleverciti, providing accurate real-time information on the number, location, and direction of free spaces based on AI and deep learning algorithms. The information is relayed to 27 Cleverciti Circ® LED guidance displays located at each relevant intersection, helping to guide drivers to the most convenient parking spaces.

  • Smart Waste Management


    IoT device and associated UI to keep track of filling in bins and trash cans and improve the waste collection in smart cities.

  • Ventspils


    Ventspils is a city in north-western Latvia and is the sixth largest city in the country. At the beginning of 2019, Ventspils had a population of 34,377. It is situated on the Venta River and the Baltic Sea, and has an ice-free port with an industrial zone.

  • Alcobendas


    Alcobendas is a city located in northern Madrid, with 117,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its great public transport system, the city is less than 15 minutes away from Madrid’s financial district and Downtown, Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas international airport and IFEMA convention centre. Moreover, the city currently hosts the headquarters of 554 multinational corporations, being the third Spanish city by turnover, just behind Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Vari Voula Vouliagmeni


    In 2010, "Kallikratis", combined the rich written literary tradition and history of Vari with the beauty of the garden-city that is Voula and the unique natural beauty of Vouliagmeni. These three municipalities created what might be the most beautiful city in Greece, City of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni (CoVVV).

  • Velika Gorica


    Velika Gorica is the 6th largest city in Croatia. It is situated in the center of Croatia, 20 km from Zagreb, and it is of strategic importance due to the fact that the national airport is on its territory. City is surrounded by meadows and forests. There are many remained old wooden beauties, such as wooden houses and churches, made of Oak wood.

  • School Tags


    Monitoring students’ travel to school and back, school entrance and exit



    MUV-APP is a white label Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform that relies on a FIWARE-based architecture with two main components, the CEF context Broker and the Cygnus State change Subscriber. It is a micro-service platform that supports the connectivity with several devices, e.g.: IoT sensors. The platform is equipped with two main endpoints: a Mobile App dedicated to the generic user (e.g.: citizens) and a Web-App designed for specific operators (e.g.: public administration operators). The entire platform is based on containerized services orchestrated via standard technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).

  • Urban Apollo


    AI Driven data pipeline engineering tool that helps users to quickly and smoothly define where to get the data and in which format. We can handle any data, any format, any protocol and any volume (up to 500,000 per second).

  • Orchestra Cities


    Martel offers the Orchestra Cities IoT and Smart City platform, a Cloud-native, enterprise-strength solution that leverages and extends the FIWARE component baseline by adding, among others: • Multi-tenancy, to support groups of cities and towns working together for their common benefit • Advanced service orchestration and infrastructure-as-code with Kubernetes runtime and toolchain • QuantumLeap time-series database and API to build realtime historical records from the FIWARE context broker

  • Open Data L'Aquila


    Open Data portal for the City of L'Aquila developed by the Gran Sasso Science Institute

  • Smart Parking Solution for Facility Managers


    Parquery’s smart parking solution provides real-time results on: 1) the availability of each parking spot 2) the exact parking duration of each vehicle 3) the vehicle type (truck, commercial vehicle, car, motorcycle…) 4) or other specific characteristics (identification of abusive parking, frontwards/backwards parking, vehicle identification, etc.)

  • TAPS - Smart Traffic and Parking Management System


    The smart traffic and parking management system TAPS, based on the world’s first energy-autonomous ground sensor, enables dynamic detection of vehicles on the road and stationary detection in parking lots and car parks.

  • ekoNET - Air and Noise Monitoring Solution


    ekoNET is a turnkey solution designed for continuous monitoring of the air quality and the noise levels. It is a cost-efficient solution that can be used to create a granular network of monitoring stations required to understand the trends on micro-locations and the factors impacting changes, thus facilitating city-wide planning aiming to create higher quality of living.

  • OpenMove MaaS Suite for Smart Cities


    LUCIAN S.R.L. is a software company specialized in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and in particular focusing on Mobility as a Service, which markets its products under the trademark “OpenMove” (www.openmove.com) since 2015.

  • Carbon Footprint Platform for Cities


    Carbon Footprint platform to measure, reduce, and monetise CO2 emissions for cities.

  • Maptionnaire: Community Engagement Platform


    Maptionnaire is a map-based engagement tool which allows planners, researchers and anyone interested in geo-located data to receive qualitative input data from the community. The platform is web-based and is fully responsive on any device.

  • Mobile Network Data for Transport


    Citi Logik have developed custom datasets using MND for over 100 transport and urban planning projects in the UK and abroad. ​ With a team of experts in population movement, transport modelling and big data, we offer a flexible, transparent approach to enable clients to exploit the huge potential of mobile network data.

  • Science and Innovation Center


    A place where you can gain new knowledge is always worth visiting.

  • State-of-the-art Digital Infrastructure for Educational Institutions


    Effective digital skills provision is essential to ensure the sustainable growth of any city.

  • Digital Skills Embedded in Education


    Providing effective digital skills is essential to ensure the development of talent and the sustainable growth of a smartcity.

  • Urban Platform: A Single Integrated View of our (smart) Cities


    Ubiwhere has developed the Urban Platform with the ambition of providing cities with cloud services that enable location intelligence and deliver holistic views of a city or region. It is an intuitive cloud platform for governments, designed for municipalities actively looking to contribute back to those who manage them and to their inhabitants. The Urban Platform offers real-time analytics and web mapping tools, all based on cross-domain information and customisable dashboards. It allows its end-users to customise the look and feel, regarding the data and its presentation format, and get access to a global and integrated real-time view of the urban environment.

  • Terrassa


    Located in the heart of the province of Barcelona, Terrassa is currently the third most populated city in Catalonia; it is an outstanding university and industrial center in southern Europe, with a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

  • Split


    Split is a 17-century old city, historical and cultural center of Dalmatia, Croatia. Three surrounding regions and nearly 500.000 people gravitate to Split for work and leisure every day. Before the pandemic, Split recorded nearly 3.000.000 overnight tourist stays per year.

  • Palaio Faliro and Alimos


    The neighboring cities of Palaio Faliro and Alimos are located in the Southern Part of the Athens Metropolitan Area overlooking the beautiful, sunny Saronic bay with its unique sandy beaches. The two cities have a population of around 150.000 and a long history of cooperation and joint ventures.

  • City of Corfu


    The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands (hereafter “MCCDI") is based on the island of Corfu, which is the westernmost part of Greece, border nation of Europe to the east, and forms part of the Region of the Ionian Islands.

  • Ioannina


    Ioannina is the capital and the largest city of Epirus, a north-western region of Greece and the 10th largest municipality of the country, in terms of population. The city sits in the center of a valley, amongst enormous mountains.

  • Eindhoven


    The city of Eindhoven, located in the south-east of The Netherlands, with a population of 230.000 inhabitants, is the fifth largest city of The Netherlands. Eindhoven is internationally recognized as a global hotbed for (social) innovation. Situated in the centre of the Brainport Eindhoven region, a strong knowledge intensive manufacturing region (population of 770.00) specialized in ‘high tech systems’ and ‘design’, and one of Europe’s most innovative and R&D intensive areas.

  • lightNET - Lighting Monitoring Solution


    lightNET is a turnkey solution designed to enable management of the public lighting systems, resulting in optimization of the maintenance costs and reduction of the electricity consumption.

  • climaNET - Flood Monitoring Solution


    climaNET is a turnkey solution designed for monitoring the water levels (rivers, streams, drainage system) and the weather conditions (precipitation) across a city to predict potential floods and help the city’s emergency services to plan activities based on the real-time view of the situation on numerous micro locations in the city.

  • fleetNET - Fleet Management Solution


    fleetNET is a turnkey fleet management solution designed to enable optimization of the vehicles’ utilization, to support a more efficient execution of a range of business processes done by field workers and vehicles as well as to increase the quality of service to the end users. The solution can be used by public and private companies as well as individuals.

  • wasteNET - Waste Management Solution


    wasteNET is a turnkey solution designed to enable monitoring of the filling levels of the underground waste containers. That information is used by responsible service providers to optimize the collection routes and timing. Combined with the monitoring of the garbage collection vehicles, the solution offers the complete waste management and monitoring of utilization.

  • parkNET - Parking Management Solution


    parkNET is a turnkey solution designed to enable management of the outdoor parking spaces. Occupancy of individual parking spaces is monitored using battery-powered sensors or using video cameras. Information about available parking spaces is available in real-time in the control and monitoring center as well as on public displays.

  • myCity - Citizen Engagement Solution


    myCity is a mobile application designed to enable citizens to notify public administration about the problems observed in the city (broken city furniture, damaged road, etc.) as well as to commend exemplary public officials and services at any time and from any place.

  • Data Portal and Data Management Solution for Smart Cities


    datAdore is a data-sharing platform, paving the way for evidence-based decision-making, rich business intelligence, and advanced data innovation.

  • Tampere


    Tampere is one of the most vigorously growing and developing cities in Finland.

  • Tampere.Finland


    Tampere.Finland application serves both residents and visitors by providing an easy way to access to information about services in Tampere.

  • Open Data Portal Tampere


    In 2012 the City of Tampere kicked off a six year strategic Open Tampere -program. At the core of the program was the vision that opening data enables creation of new applications, products and services that serve the citizens, businesses and the public sector. An important element of the vision is that from an economic standpoint open data will provide new business opportunities for the companies.

  • Digital Twin - Boosting automatic traffic test area creation


    A test area where companies can test and develop various smart transport solutions is being developed in Hervanta area, Tampere. The development work for the test area has been launched together with companies, research institutes and educational institutions. The goal is to develop a secure and reliable test network that utilises Nokia’s cloud-based private LTE test network. The purpose is to enable the testing of highly automated mobility, meaning that the vehicle travels independently without a driver and automation takes care of controlling and steering the vehicle.

  • Building Operating System


    Intelligent Management of tertiary buildings, targeted at facility and property managers of office and retail buildings.

  • Intelligent Particle Sensor


    The Piera Systems Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor IPS-7100 is a compact, highly accurate, optical particle sensor that uses laser scattering and Piera’s innovative particle counting ASIC to achieve superior binning and particle measurement across the complete range of PM (0.1 to 10um).

  • Canāree-A1: Indoor Air Quality Monitor


    CanāreeTM is a low cost, Air Quality Monitor that plugs into existing USB ports in laptops, PCs or existing Aruba Access Points (APs), and measures air quality instantly.

  • QR Code Toolkit • SCORE


    As it becomes easier and more common for people to scan a QR Code on their mobile device, QR Codes are also tied to public services in smart cities.

  • Gamified Commuter Challenge for your Citizens


    Carbon 0 Commute aims to encourage citizens of smart cities to make the most carbon-friendly commuter choices on a regular basis. It comes as a gamified challenge and is best done with the peer stimulation of colleagues, friends, family or classmates.

  • AI-enabled Air Quality Monitoring & Clean Air Action Recommendations


    Breeze deploys its own lower-cost air quality sensors that detect all common air pollutants. Thanks to an artificial intelligence-based cloud calibration technology, data gathered by these sensors is comparable to public monitoring networks in quality and accuracy.

  • Yggio - Digitalization Infrastructure Management System


    Yggio acts as a real-time integration layer between services and connected assets, sensors, and networks, enabling multiple users and services to use data generated by both shared and private IoT devices.

  • Strips Sensors for LoRaWAN


    Meet the LoRaWAN range of sensors in the popular Strips form factor, featuring ultra-slim discreet design, easy mounting, and low power consumption for long battery life.

  • Loop One - Indoor Air Quality Solution


    Loop One solution includes an intelligent indoor air quality sensor and analysis service. Sensor provides comprehensive and reliable information of any measured space in real time. Loop One sensor is based on our patented technology and can measure nine vital measurements cost-effectively.

  • Visual Networking Platform to Enable AV Over IT


    Userful is a software company providing hybrid, cloud and virtualization services that power complex digital infrastructure for critical enterprise operations.

  • Find Berths / Moorings


    Karlskrona municipality provides approximately 1,900 leisure boat berths at 29 different jetty and harbor facilities. Most places are in central Karlskrona, but also in the outer areas, a berth can be rented. Prices vary according to level of service. It just got a lot easier to find out everything you need to know about municipal moorings.

  • ArcGIS Platform


    ArcGIS Platform gives developers a new way to build apps with direct access to powerful location services using the mapping libraries of their choice. ArcGIS brings the power of maps and location services to your applications.

  • Frends eiPaaS Platform


    You've probably heard of Software as a Service, or SaaS. What about Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) or Enterprise-Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (eiPaas) or even Digital Integration Hub (DIH)? Now - all this is available in low-code integration platform.

  • Abou - e-Service Platform


    Sokigo's e-service platform Abou helps you create e-services for public activities.

  • Smart Mobile Mapping


    Imagine you have access to information about every physical asset in your city's public space.

  • Smart Parking - Live Crowdsourced Information, Payment and Reservations


    SpotAngels is a community-based app that helps drivers find free parking, get deals on garages, pay meters by the minute and avoid parking tickets.

  • Datascouts Platform


    DataScouts offers an AI-enabled workflow for market exploration and monitoring.

  • A Comprehensive On-Street Parking Guidance System


    To provide drivers with a reliable overview of available parking spaces, 89 Cleverciti Sensors were installed by RheinEnergie under the supervision of Cleverciti, providing accurate real-time information on the number, location, and direction of free spaces based on AI and deep learning algorithms. The information is relayed to 27 Cleverciti Circ® LED guidance displays located at each relevant intersection, helping to guide drivers to the most convenient parking spaces.

  • CitizenLab: Community Engagement Platform


    A digital engagement platform that helps local governments connect with community members for better decision-making.

  • Smart & Integrated Address Change


    Monadd is an all-in-one admin hub centred around making requests to service providers and subscription services to accommodate your needs.

  • Dubrovnik


    Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, is a city of rich history located on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea and the center of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Its total population is 42,615. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

  • Antenna


    This product is part of the LoRa network, in the municipality of Fundão. The network consists of 14 LoRa antennas + 1 backup antennas to guarantee quick replacement in case of failure.

  • LoRa Network


    LoRa is a modulation sized for LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) for M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT, allowing to increase the batteries’ life, using chips available at low cost, for systems limited to the level of information quantity they can send.

  • Open Data Portal


    Cork City Council has developed an Open Data Portal to share open data sets that relate to Cork City.

  • Air Quality Monitoring Dashboard


    The Cork Air Quality Dashboard has been created to display real-time air quality information for Cork City.

  • IoT Registry • SCORE


    The IoT Registry offers transparency to citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs by providing an online registry of IoT devices.

  • Devices Power Consumption Control (via LoRaWAN)


    In order to become a sustainable city it is important to know how much energy is consumed. Future energy policies can be decided with this information available.

  • Gaiyo: One App for all your Transport


    Gaiyo is a mobility app that allows you to plan, book and pay for all your trips. One service for all your transport, including personal travel advice.

  • TimesUpp: Proactive Travel Assistant


    Imagine… An app that lets you seamlessly travel from one place to another. Just enter something, TimesUpp predicts the rest and automatically creates your travel plan. With almost no input, the app knows how to get you to your destination on time. Wherever you are or go, TimesUpp will always help you. The app takes traffic into account and oops… TimesUpp, it's time to go.

  • Rent Camera Equipment from Local Creators


    Wedio is the fastest-growing European camera-sharing community for Filmmakers and Photographers. We make it up to 50% cheaper to rent video equipment on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis — with global insurance.

  • Smart Waste & Recycling Solutions


    Bigbelly High Capacity Waste & Recycling Compactor - The World-Leading Solar-Powered Smart Waste Compactor. Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces. It is a proven solution that is deployed in all 50 states and in over 50 countries around the world.

  • Bratislava


    Bratislava, as the capital city of Slovakia, is considered the economic, political, education and social hub of the country. The city has been a magnet for students, researchers and high-skilled workers thanks to its extensive academic and business infrastructure. Bratislava focuses its efforts on improving the lives of its residents by becoming a sustainable and technologically developed city.

  • Gavà - Castelldefels Consortium


    Gavà and Castelldefels are two adjacent municipalities from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (Spain). They are 18 km from Barcelona, in the southwest, following the Mediterranean coast. Both cities belong to the Baix Llobregat region with 34 municipalities and have excellent connections with the airport, the port and the city of Barcelona.

  • Szombathely


    Szombathely city is able to provide a quality environment for its residents and businesses as a regional organizing entity. Competitiveness and modern city life are achieved by partnership and open communication. These are our core values.

  • Shared Mobility Platform


    Volvero is a drive sharing app where owners can share their vehicles with drivers.

  • IoT Sensor Monitoring


    Scale and have Ownership of your smart city infrastructures with an aggregating tool to supervise the condition of your individual sensors.

  • Smart Waste Management Solution


    Equipping your collection points with smart sensors can optimize your storage and collection process in many ways. Our high quality and robust IoT sensors offer multiple benefits, like a better planning and service to your customers. Your containers will be fuller at the moment of pickup, so you will have to drive less kilometres. This results in lower costs and a lower impact on the environment. As you pick up your containers just before they are full, there will also be less waste dumped next to the container.

  • Butterfly SmartCity Network


    A turnkey smart city solution for administrations, citizens and businesses. Access to local businesses, local news, local events, local communities, buy & sell products and services, pay for bills, report issues, keep track of activities, and so much more! Simplify the access to the services of your city and make a positive impact on your residents.

  • Cycling Technology and Data Insights


    See.Sense is an award-winning cycling technology and data company, that is on a mission to make cycling safer and smarter.

  • Brno


    Brno is the former capital city of Moravia and the political and cultural hub of the South Moravian Region. It is the centre of the Czech judiciary, with the seats of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, and a number of state authorities, including the Ombudsman, and the Office for the Protection of Competition. Brno is also an important centre of higher education, with 33 faculties belonging to 13 institutes of higher education and about 65,000 students.

  • Citizens' service via video conference (MyKEPLive)


    This solution is deployed centrally by the Greek government and integrated by various Greek cities. The goal of this application is the remote service and the provision of administrative information to the citizens, without the physical transition of the citizens to the Citizen Service Centers of the Municipalities

  • Digital Service Provision


    The digital service platform provides two 4th level digital services to the citizens concerning responsibilities exercised by the Financial Department. The platform uses the “Auth module” created by the General Secretariat of Information Systems to provide user authentication.

  • Consultation Platform


    This platform is created to enhance the citizen’s participation and contribution to the public discussion concerning the decisions taken by the City Hall. Each consultation can be either open, where the citizens are able to submit a comment, closed where the comments are being processed and completed where the review of comments is published.

  • Open City (Open Source Participatory Democracy Platform)


    The participation platform "Open City" was originally developed to give the citizens of the West borough of Amsterdam the ability to put items on the political agenda.

  • Object Detection Kit (Scanning Objects for a Cleaner City)


    Object Detection Kit (ODK) is an open source platform for municipalities, initiated by innovation teams within the city of Amsterdam.

  • HoLu Air Quality Sensor Kit


    The HoLu sensor kit is a modular sensor kit developed by Waag to measure outdoor air quality.

  • IRMA Privacy-Friendly Identity Platform


    "I Reveal My Attributes" (IRMA) is a privacy-friendly identity platform for authentication and signing.

  • Smart Public Sports Leisure Facilities


    CORNISA AQUAPARK & SPORTS - Regional Tourist & Sporting Park - Implemented with the support of EU – European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013 The project consists of creation of leisure facilities for the inhabitants of the city and tourists interested in relaxation throughout of Northeast region, in Romania. Receives tourists from Romania, but also from neighboring countries: Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova

  • Mobypark


    Mobypark is the parking platform, which connects drivers to owners of parking and works on a commission basis. Additionally, Mobypark can fully automate access to the parking.

  • Fastprk: Outdoor Urban Parking Guidance


    Parking guidance in the cities is a basic part of achieving the traffic reduction objectives which is now a priority for most of them.

  • Marine Litter Collection Station


    The Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands (hereafter MCCDI) is the largest island Municipality - member of the newly established “Network of Blue Municipalities” which recently acquired the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in Greece and will focus on the protection of the seas and the marine environment in general.

  • Cork Dashboard


    The Cork Dashboard is a product of the Building City Dashboards Project based in National Centre for Geocomputation in Maynooth University. The project was created in partnership with Cork Smart Gateway, Cork City Council and Cork County Council and was funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

  • AonChip: WaterSens


    WaterSens is a Smart water control, able to manage up to 4 latch valves and work with longrange, low-power wireless communication protocols such as Lorawan and Sigfox.

  • Open Data Platform


    Main focus of Brno City Municipality in the IT sector is its data platform that serves as a central access point for open data to the public in the need of data for the research or business projects in order to facilitate further growth of key sectors that underpin prosperity of our region.

  • MUV: Sustainable Mobility Entertainment Platform


    MUV transforms safe, sustainable and smart mobility into a sports game.

  • Fastprk: Control of Reserved Parking Spaces for People with Reduced Mobility


    PRM reserved seats are essential for people with reduced mobility, as they facilitate access to their destinations. These seats are reserved exclusively for people who have the European Disability Card.

  • Fastprk: Control of the Parking Reserved Spaces for Electric Vehicle Charging


    Electric vehicles are a key aspect in sustainable mobility, versus the combustion engines which are one of the most direct causes of the pollution generated in today’s cities.

  • Fastprk: Parking Guidance for Park & Ride Facilities


    In these Park&Ride areas, drivers can park and reach their final destinations in the city via public transport. To convince drivers that this is best, it is important to offer a good mobility experience.

  • Fastprk: Control of Free and Limited On-Street Parking Time


    Offering citizens a parking policy based on free, but time-limited parking is an attractive option for public administrations in small and medium-sized cities since paid parking is a headache and often loss-making.

  • Fastprk: Loading & Unloading Parking Control


    Areas reserved for loading & unloading operations have a key role in urban mobility. Every day a multitude of deliveries depends on the availability of nearby parking spaces.

  • Fastprk: Pay-by-Space On-Street Parking Control


    Most of the on-street parking enforcement are carried out systematically, street by street and without any previous knowledge of any possible fraud incurred by users.

  • Fastprk: Parking Guidance for Tourist Bus Areas


    The number of tourists increases every year, resulting in a large number of people arriving in buses, generating chaos and congestion in some areas, most of them located in the city centers.

  • Metropolitan City of Capital Rome


    The Metropolitan City of Capital Rome is a local government authority comprising within its borders the territory of the City of Rome and 120 other municipalities. With more than four million people living and working in an area of over five thousand square kilometres, it is the largest metropolitan city of Italy.

  • HxGN Mass Transit


    Micromobility solution/ M. App Portfolio/ Mass Transit Solution/ Luciad Portfolio / Power Portfolio. A geospatial transportation infrastructure management system with 3D and AI capabilities for visualizing and analyzing transit and rail assets and operations. HxGN Mass Transit serves as a single source of truth for infrastructure data, enabling rail-bound and transit operators to easily inspect, validate and share information on the fly.

  • Ghent


    The Belgian city of Ghent is the second largest city in Flanders. It offers a unique combination of an intimate city and the openness of a metropolis to its 264,000-plus inhabitants. With its 78,000 students, Ghent is the largest student city in Flanders and it is still growing.

  • i2D for Fleets and Smart Cities


    i2D Technology consists of an integrated technological platform involving a telemetry system for data collection, transmission and processing from vehicles in circulation, and the application of software solutions to interface with Web users, as well as the infrastructure needed to support data processing and mass storage.

  • Teamworker


    Digital Transformation Programme Management, Collaboration and Communication tool. The solution is multilingual as prompts can be made to appear in the language set by the user.

  • Smart Resource Sharing


    Access to products via online platform and last mile delivery and pick up. Own less. do more!

  • Solar Powered Compacting Bins


    BRITE BIN™ Our Award Winning Solar Powered Compacting Litter Bins are the perfect solution for managing street litter.

  • Shared E-Scooter and E-Bike Service


    Our service allows people to rent an e-scooter or e-bike in a matter of seconds using our mobile app.

  • Smart Waste Management


    Sensoneo is a global enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions provider that enables cities and businesses to manage their waste efficiently, lower their environmental footprint and improve the quality of services.

  • Digital Trust Infrastructure for IoT Data Exchange and Transactions


    Vaulut develops decentralized digital infrastructure for collaboration and co-creation of smart city applications using IoT.

  • Smarter Mobility Fused to Teal-Time Travel Insurance


    In our ever smartening cities, passenger routes and travel modes are re-planned every minute. And with micro mobility on the rise, next to proper indoor guidance and multi-modal ticketing, insurance has left a gap in the market.

  • Scalable Smart City Capture


    A city wasn't built in a day, so why try to do it data-wise? We help plan, capture, and build out your smart city in ArcGIS so that you can be effective as possible. This way you can share in many places, not just one.

  • Power System Engineering Services


    Premium Power strives for excellence in power systems, working with you to ensure your electrical systems operate in a safe, reliable and efficient manner adapting to your ever changing needs.

  • MyDataShare


    Human-Centric Management of Personal Data - MyDataShare - City as a MyData Operator!

  • Improving Indoor Conditions for Health and Well-Being


    Indoor conditions, in homes, schools, and workplaces, have a big effect on our health and wellbeing. Monitoring those conditions enables effective use of space, and reduces the buildings’ environmental impact.

  • Apartment Specific Water Consumption Monitoring


    Responding to EU Energy Efficiency directive: Apartment Specific Water Consumption Monitoring!

  • Lightweight and Flexible Solar Solution


    Lightweight anf flexible solar solution for lightly constructed company roofs

  • Innovative Circular Bike Parking System


    Bicycles are very welcome in our cities, but where do we put them?

  • Circular bench "Copacabana"


    Circular bench "Copacabana" made of recycled plastic or artificial grass

  • Energy Management Software


    Climate change, new laws and social pressure are forcing everyone to act. People need to know more about their energy consumption in order to operate more efficiently for climate neutrality.

  • Ipswich


    As Queensland's oldest provincial city, Ipswich has a rich history. It is renowned for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage. Ipswich proudly preserves and still operates from many of its historical buildings and homes, with more than 6000 heritage-listed sites. Ipswich also has a range of charming townships within the western rural areas of the city, each with its own legitimate claims of historical significance.

  • Trimble Feedback


    Collect, analyze and publish feedback efficiently!

  • Open Data Terrassa


    Terrassa's Open Data portal was born with the aim of any citizen or company should be able to analyze, reuse and redistribute data, creating new value added services and thus allowing the public administration deepen concepts like transparency towards citizens (open government) and promoting wealth creation through intelligent resource management (intelligent government).

  • LoRaWAN Architecture


    Currently, the Internet of Things (IoT) applied to cities has become one of the most important and useful technologies for Smart Cities, due to the numerous applications it offers.

  • Sunshine Coast


    The Sunshine Coast is located north of the state capital of Brisbane, just over one hour by road, and features commercial, residential and industrial precincts, as well as diverse landscapes from open coastline to green belts and pristine hinterland communities.

  • Sentilo Terrassa


    As part of the architecture of the IoT network of the city of Terrassa, and as an element to centralise all the information received from the sensors and actuators, a platform was incorporated, which is called Sentilo ("sensor" in Esperanto), and allows it to function as a hub for the connection of those applications that need the data generated by the city's sensor network.

  • LoRaWAN Gateway


    With the aim of deploying the IoT network in the city of Terrassa, which is based on LoRa/LoRaWAN technologies, and after carrying out a coverage study fed by a good digital model of the city's orography, the number of gateways/antennas needed to guarantee an adequate level of coverage in the city has been estimated at an initial number of 7.

  • Lille Metropole


    French inter-municipal authority of 95 municipalities, Lille Metropole gathers 1.1 million inhabitants on the formerly most industrialised territory in France. Since a few years, the metropolis has been engaged in a transition towards a more sustainable and dynamic economy, relying on new technologies, research and academic centers and cultural and creative industries.

  • Efficient Management of Waste towards Circular Economy


    The most comprehensive waste management software solution.

  • Smart Water Metering


    In the city of Terrassa, a series of sensors compatible with LoRa/LoRaWAN technologies are being deployed to measure water consumption in different parts of the city by the public water supply company Taigua.

  • Participa a Terrassa


    In order to promote citizen participation in an open and transparent way, as well as to involve citizens and the different social agents, Terrassa City Council launched the platform Participa a Terrassa (Participate in Terrassa).

  • Air Quality and Noise Monitoring


    The solution deployed measures pollutant gases categorized by The World Health Organization as harmful for human life: NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, O3 & H2S. In addition, they detect suspended particles as PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 (pollen and allergens). In addition, noise pollution is being monitored.

  • Molina de Segura


    Molina de Segura is experiencing a great process of change and modernisation in recent years. In large part thanks to the different European projects that are being implemented. The city has great potential by having a great industry, a City Council with satisfactory experience in implementing transformational projects, and a citizenry that welcomes these changes.

  • Iași


    We are Iași, the most important Romanian city on the Eastern border of the European Union. You see, from the start, this geographical position gives us a strategic advantage in our economic relations with Asian and Russian markets. Investors will find it easy to come here, since our Airport is only 8 km away from the city center and offers direct flights to many places across Europe.

  • Shared Mobility Platform


    Start your own shared mobility project. Scooter, Bike or Car-sharing, with a couple of vehicles or a large fleet - in a few weeks you will become a shared mobility provider.

  • Smart Sustainability Management Platform


    EnergyElephant helps you make better energy and sustainability decisions using your data.

  • Issy-les-Moulineaux


    For more than 20 years, Issy-les-Moulineaux, a vibrant city of the Greater Paris, where solidarity is a reality, has demonstrated its dynamism and audacity through its innovative and ambitious choices, in the area of Smart Cities.

  • Busan


    Busan is the second largest city in Korea. Its deep harbour and gentle tides have allowed it to grow into the largest container handling port in the country and the fifth largest in the world.

  • Smart City Platform


    The Smart City platform is an enabler for cities, start-ups, citizens and companies to build smart solutions driven by Smart integration, IoT Architecture & Data Intelligence.

  • Sejong


    Sejong was founded in 2007 as the new planned capital of South Korea to ease congestion in South Korea's current capital and largest city, Seoul, and encourage investment in the country's central region

  • Moving Towards Zero


    Moving Towards Zero! is a campaign co-created by Go Zero Waste in collaboration with local governments and other local organizations with the aim of promoting local business and waste reduction through inclusive gamification.

  • Precipitation Portal


    Precipitation portal - At all times at every site!

  • Messina


    Messina is a Sicilian municipality located on the north-eastern tip of the island, surmounted by the Peloritani mountains and bathed by two seas (Ionian and Tyrrhenian), Messina has always played the role of crossroads for Sicily.

  • MEsM@RT - Smart City Platform


    MEsM@RT is a project aiming at enabling development in the country's major urban areas, applying the "Smart city" paradigm for the redesign and modernization of urban infrastructure services for the actors involved in running the city.

  • Automated Waste Collection System


    Waste and recyclables from buildings and street bins will move by vacuum pressure at up to 70km/hour through a 6.5km network of underground pipes to a collection station. The collected material will then be transferred to disposal or recycling facilities.

  • Sunshine Coast Solar Farm


    Sunshine Coast Council is Australia's first local government to offset its entire electricity consumption across all its facilities and operations from renewable energy generated at the 15MW Sunshine Coast Solar Farm.

  • Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network


    The Sunshine Coast submarine broadband cable is only the second landing site on Australia’s east coast and provides critical infrastructure for the country. It will also provide redundancy (disaster recovery solutions), diversity for customers, reduce latency and connect Queensland business and consumers directly to international markets.

  • Hawa Dawa Air Measuring Instruments


    Our API products enable comprehensive data from a variety of data sources (satellites, IoT sensors, public monitoring stations, ...) on all major air pollutants to be easily integrated into existing applications. Historical data, real-time data and forecast data are made available via our documented interface.

  • Hawa Dawa Sentience - IoT Measurement Device


    Our self-developed air measurement devices enable us to set up a highly granular network for the measurement of air pollutants.

  • KANiO® - Operations Management Software


    The four pillars of the HST solution offering – with more than 20 years of experience in technical operations management:

  • Citizen's Digital Home


    This project, managed in a partnership with the University of Calabria and funded by the 2014-2020 EU Cohesion policy Regional Programme, aims at creating in Catanzaro a house of digital transformation within “palazzo Fazzari”, an historical building in the city center of Catanzaro showed in the picture on this page.

  • Broadband development of 5G experimental applications


    The general objective of this project (financed through national funds) is to ensure universal accessibility to the cultural, environmental, and service resources of the city and of the hinterland of Catanzaro.

  • Smart City


    As early as 1994, when the Internet was still relatively unknown in France, Issy decided to have the “reflex of innovation” and thus to be constantly aware of the developments of new technologies implemented in cities all over the world and especially in the US. The City’s strategy was also focused on the need to prioritize the improvement & needs of Issy’s citizens.

  • City Logistics. Sustainable Freight Logistics


    The Project was presented by the City of Catanzaro following a call by the Calabria Region to develop logistics in the cities (Calabria Transport plan). The City Council of Catanzaro established two areas of the city where circulation of goods is limited (traffic-restricted zones) to propone sustainability (in the historic center and in the marine area, named “Catanzaro Lido”).

  • Smart and Digital Parking


    The Municipality of Catanzaro promotes the development of a centralised system for monitoring and managing parking lots called MRS (Mobile Revolution System).

  • PUMS: Interconnection of Sustainable Mobility Initiatives


    The Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan (PUMS, in Italian) of the Municipality of Catanzaro is configured as a long-term strategic plan - lasting ten years - to develop sustainable mobility in the city. It intends to promote new urban mobility planning models that focus on the needs of citizens starting from an in-depth analysis of the local context.

  • The «Green Road» Cycle Path


    The project promotes the construction of a bicycle and pedestrian path able to connect two important areas of the city of Catanzaro - measuring 8 km in total length.

  • Living Lab in Catanzaro


    The city of Catanzaro took part to the initiative by the Calabria Region promoting “Living labs”, namely research and development actions to innovate local public services though a collaborative process between local public administrations, end users and citizens.

  • Ulm


    Ulm is a 126.000 habitant city and birthplace of Albert Einstein. After visiting Ulm Minster, the highest church tower in the world, the city invites people to explore the enchanting old town, the historic fishermans' quarter, and the Wiblingen monastery.

  • London


    London is a city of nine million inhabitants, 33 local authorities, over 40 National Health Service Trusts and many more public agencies. It is also home to globally renowned universities, cultural institutions and finance and technology sectors. We want the capital to take the lead in how data innovation serves its citizens. Our ambition is to make London a better place to live, work, and visit for everyone.

  • Sharing Cities


    Sharing Cities is a major international smart cities project addressing some of the most pressing urban challenges facing today’s cities such as energy use, low carbon transport and buildings, and harnessing data for the good of the city.

  • Data Store


    The London Datastore is a free and open data-sharing portal where anyone can access data relating to the capital. Whether you’re a citizen, business owner, researcher or developer, the site provides over 700 datasets to help you understand the city and develop solutions to London’s problems

  • MRF Management


    Evreka’s stock management solution provides the capabilities you need to get control of your inventory in detail from garbage truck deliveries to the disposal process. It improves visibility and provides inventory traceability for better transparency, offers landed cost valuations, cost of production, yield, and more all while helping to optimize the site‘s profitability. Full inventory control is provided that will monitor all movements and balances.

  • Evreka


    Evreka designs digitized and end-to-end waste management solutions with a focus on operational excellence in the waste management industry. Evreka is a leading SaaS company, providing the most comprehensive intelligent solution designed for the entire category of waste management across the globe.

  • Intelligence


    Through Evreka Intelligence, utilization levels and performance scores are always under control. You get the best recommendations for increasing efficiency at every stage of the process. The capabilities of Evreka Intelligence exist to assist managers in the kitchen of every type of operation. Each solution provided is ready to be used with intelligence regardless of operation type.

  • Finance Management


    Processing of the suppliers’ paper or email invoices is slow and costly. Quite often, when invoices need to be manually held in a system, errors occur that require additional costly manual interference. It is a module for ensuring accurate billing arrangements and service agreements to match the particular requirements of each customer. That reduces the processing effort tremendously. Evreka develops solutions that can be fully integrated into any existing third-party system or tool. Besides integration, Evreka also offers its own billing solution!

  • Citizen Management


    Evreka CleanCity Platform is customized to support citizen’s roles and encourage their participation in smart waste management and city cleaning operations. Citizens can monitor the garbage containers and dumpsters in the city, and get directions to a selected bin. They can observe the collection days anytime and request a new service quickly. Moreover, they can report any inconvenience and see the status of their requests.

  • Operation Management


    The age of handling fleet dispatching using whiteboards is over. Tracking, delivery, and communication can now be done through a mobile app. Telematics dispatch responds to the challenges of new routing by offering a higher degree of fleet visibility, power, transparency, and efficiency.

  • Asset Management


    Evreka Platform provides suggestions for the most efficient resource allocation in the field and allows relocating the assets accordingly. With the allocation of resources running smoothly, managers can plan and track their orders with Evreka’s user-friendly dashboard. Evreka enables managers to be fully hands-on on their assets and to manage the assets throughout the most significant tasks, such as solid waste management.

  • Fleet Management


    Evreka Fleet Management solution enables tracking of all vehicles’ real-time locations on the connected devices via Evreka Track and Evreka RFID. It facilitates a fast reaction opportunity for potential safety issues for drivers with SMS/E-mail notifications, fuel management, and better service for customers.

  • Customer Management


    Through our Customer Management platform you can control and customize your SLAs using the Evreka SLA management module, set up separate agreements, and run reports to help you keep track. SLA management module assists in evaluating efficiency, tracking issues, checking goals, response times, avoiding missed collections, and more. Cloud-based SLA for service desk managers is designed to monitor ticket and request status, take action if the deadline is missed, and notify at each time.

  • Employee Management


    Employee Management allows for seamless integration of specially designed Evreka Workforce, Evreka CaptainApp, and All-In-One Evreka Platform enable executives to comprehensively manage their human resources.

  • EcoSmart Cities Solution


    Providing a blueprint for an Environmental uplifting smart cities solution with a data platform that provides connectivity based on Minimum Interoprability Standards, Smart waste management solutions, Recyclable energy and water solutions, optimal material usage from recycled waste to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Public Eye


    Public Eye: an open-source crowd monitoring solution.

  • SCADA V10 - Process control solution for the energy and water industry


  • Moreton Bay


    Moreton Bay Regional Council is Australia’s 3rd largest council and an early adopter of IoT technology to deliver Smart City outcomes. Our council is varied featuring urban centres, farming lands, suburbs and industrial zones spread over forested, coastal, plains and low-mountain areas.

  • Cesva TA120 Noise Measuring Sensor


    In the city of Terrassa, regarding the measurement of sound levels (mainly noise), we are betting on the use of capture devices that allow us to integrate the measurements obtained with our open source platform of sensors and actuators (Sentilo). With this type of devices we can, among other applications, create noise surveillance networks, monitoring industrial activities, waste collection routes, construction site control, concerts and festivals, as well as generate sound maps.

  • Reempresa


    Reempresa is the business transfer Marketplace for SMEs in Catalonia. We know that these are difficult times, with doubts and uncertainties. Reempresa is at the people’s side in order to help them buy or sell a running business. Reinventing, revolutionizing, reactivating, restarting or Reempresa. It’s an initiative that serves to prevent business closures due to lack of relief. The aim is to promote the transfer of companies in several fields, such as commerce, local services, industry and tourism.

  • CECOT Renovables


    CECOT is a multi-sector business confederation made up of a wide range of business associations and guilds which they represent before the social agents.

  • LoRaWAN to Touch


    LoRaWAN in Ulm

  • DeepTraffic 101


    Deeptraffic 101 is a dynamic traffic-management-as-a-service platform, that utilizes multi-source real time data, in order to effectively manage road traffic.

  • LivingFog



  • Student Safety app (MyWay)


    Student Safety app (MyWay)

  • Indoor Monitor for LoRaWAN


    Indoor Monitor for LoRaWAN

  • Haskovo


    Haskovo is located in the central part of Southern Bulgaria. It is administrative center of Haskovo Municipality and Haskovo region. The territory of the municipality - 740 sq. km is the second largest in the district. According to National statistical institute’s data from 31.12.2020, 68 298 (80,48%) people live in the urban area, while 16 564 people (19,52%) of the total population is concentrated in rural and remote areas.

  • Public IoT Network


    Public IoT Network

  • IoT Node – Smart Building


    Alcoy City Council has launched its first smart building - IoT node following UNE standards. This first smart building is a municipal sports centre.The IoT Node refers to municipal buildings.

  • CISCO NetAcad Certified Municipality


    Our Municipality has proceeded with its certification as a Cisco Academy, having as a main goal of contributing to the Digital Transformation that is in progress and the development of citizens' digital skills.

  • City of Gothenburg


    We are a sustainable city open to the world that is working on providing the best service for our citizens and visitors. We want to share and engage with our citizens so that we can bring the right service providing both for their digital and physical needs.

  • Dordrecht


    The City of Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland. Its location on the water has made the city flourish. That special bond with the water still influences life and work in the city. The economic development policy sees opportunities in the maritime sector, the industry in which the city and region possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. The water also attracts visitors to the city.

  • QR code toolkit replication in Dordrecht


    QR code toolkit replicated in Dordrecht to monitor the use of parks to be able to improve their functions and/or benefits for citizens and nature

  • Stay Put


    The solution Stay Put has been developed by the City of Aarhus in the Interreg North Sea project called SCORE. It is a generic solution, that enables the tracking and monitoring of the position of different types of city inventory.

  • Inviso – LoRaWan coverage mapper


    The solution Inviso - LoRaWan coverage mapper has been developed by the City of Aarhus in the Interreg North Sea project SCORE. The main purpose of the solution is to portray and visualise LoRaWan coverage on a map.

  • URBANITE - Supporting the decision-making


    The Urbanite project promotes a long-term sustainable ecosystem model to adopt a data-driven decision-making approach in urban mobility planning.

  • Urban air quality monitoring & management


    Breeze Technologies is an industry leader in air quality sensor, data and analytics.