Automated Waste Collection System

Sunshine Coast Council
Image provided by The Sunshine Coast Council

Waste and recyclables from buildings and street bins will move by vacuum pressure at up to 70km/hour through a 6.5km network of underground pipes to a collection station. The collected material will then be transferred to disposal or recycling facilities.

Australia's first underground automated waste collection system (AWCS) for a city centre was officially opened on 8 June 2021 and is now live .

This innovative system will remove the need for conventional waste collection trucks to lift wheelie bins, which will have many benefits for traffic and amenity in the new Maroochydore city centre. The system is fully sealed to minimise odours normally associated with waste management and will also reduce litter, vermin and street cleaning costs.

The project is staged and the pipe system will extend as development of the new city centre progresses. The project scope includes installation of underground pipes, public place bin inlets, service to developable lots, and a fully enclosed collection station. The system will provide for collection of general waste and recyclable waste streams.

Sunshbine Coast automated waste collection system Public bins


  • A more efficient alternative to conventional above-ground waste collection.
  • The system will help create a cleaner, healthier and more attractive city centre.
  • Recycling rates are expected to improve.
  • Significant reduction in the number of large vehicles needing to access the city centre, providing a safer and more pleasant urban environment.
  • Elimination of early morning garbage collection also creates better urban living conditions.

The existing AWCS underground pipe network will be progressively extended into future stages as the city centre is developed.