Inviso – LoRaWan coverage mapper

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The solution Inviso - LoRaWan coverage mapper has been developed by the City of Aarhus in the Interreg North Sea project SCORE. The main purpose of the solution is to portray and visualise LoRaWan coverage on a map.

The solution uses signal information from LoRaWan sensors, together with the GPS position, and visualises the information on a map. It uses the RSSI values to provide a colour representation of how “good” the signal is. If you hover over the measurement point you can see even more information. The panel that opens shows how the SNR (signal to noise ratio) was at given time of the measurement, what time the data was gathered, location, and which LoRaWan gateways that received the data package coming from the sensor.

In the city of Aarhus, the solution is used with up to 20 sensors providing vital LoRaWan signal information. The sensors are all the same, so that they can be used as a reference to compare the signal strength with other types of sensors. All the sensors are placed on city-worker cars, placed at same height and elevation. The sensors are then configured to send data packages with signal information every 30 second, and only when the cars are moving to preserve batterylife. This provides the city with an indicative LoRaWan coverage map, that can be used when prospecting new IoT project, and to enlighten where the signal coverage could be optimized. Furthermore, the map constantly evolves and gets better over time, as the vehicles covers more areas of the municipality.