Scalable Smart City Capture

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Image provided by Honey Badger Analytics LLC

A city wasn't built in a day, so why try to do it data-wise? We help plan, capture, and build out your smart city in ArcGIS so that you can be effective as possible. This way you can share in many places, not just one.

ArcGIS Online & Enterprise Implementation
We build what you want, how you want it. We let you drive your system your way, and help when you need it!

Locational Data Audit & Advisement
Storing data is a nightmare… is there a right way? While no, but we help alleviate the mystery around what’s where and where should it be.

Training & Support
We help train you in your locational system and/or the tools you have acquired. If you still need help, we have three support plans that put us there for you!

Data Collection
Sometimes you don’t have all the data, nor want to buy the equipment to collect it… We do though! We help get the data you need. No messy hand over, all the data you want, in your system from day 1 to last day.

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The Industries We Serve:

Local Government

  • Parcel Mapping
  • Zoning
  • Assessing
  • Police
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Infrastructure
  • Planning

Local Business

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Demographics
  • Smart Routing
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Indoors Mapping

Small Utilities

  • Asset Management
  • System of Record
  • Network Tracing
  • Smart Routing
  • Employee Tasking
  • Vehicle Tracking