MUV-APP is a white label Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform that relies on a FIWARE-based architecture with two main components, the CEF context Broker and the Cygnus State change Subscriber. It is a micro-service platform that supports the connectivity with several devices, e.g.: IoT sensors. The platform is equipped with two main endpoints: a Mobile App dedicated to the generic user (e.g.: citizens) and a Web-App designed for specific operators (e.g.: public administration operators). The entire platform is based on containerized services orchestrated via standard technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).

MUV Architecture

Thanks to its modular structure, the platform is flexible enough to be adapted to different urban contexts (e.g.: large urban areas and smaller cities) granting data interoperability and contextual scalability. The platform has a modular structure, each module can follow an ad hoc implementation to deliver a customized service to the end users. Besides granting access to all mobility services (e.g.: e-charger availability, sharing and so on) and adapting completely to the already existing urban systems, the platform is also equipped with a green module (dedicated to the green mobility) and with a feedback module creating a direct channel with the public administration. Through MUV-APP citizens get all the mobility info they need (e.g.: push notifications warning about sever mobility events) with the public administration check the status of urban mobility and mobility's services in real-time!