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Image Provided by the City of Fundão

This product is part of the LoRa network, in the municipality of Fundão. The network consists of 14 LoRa antennas + 1 backup antennas to guarantee quick replacement in case of failure.

The characteristics of the antennas are as follows:

  • Outdoor omnidirectional antenna, sized for the carrier frequency of 868 MHz, with a gain of 8 dBi;
  • Robust antenna, withstanding all weather conditions including winds above 241 km / h, having been designed to comply with the IP65 standard, that is, dust-proof and protected against water jets;
  • The antenna will support low consumption radio communications (UNB Sigfox, LPRN, LoRA), being ideal for IoT, telemetry, industrial and environmental remote monitoring;
  • Vertical polarisation, 50 ohm impedance, 1.5: 1 stationary wave coefficient (VSWR), 860 - 870 MHz band;
  • Include encapsulation, solar panel, converter and battery to supply the antenna as well as support post, necessary structures and all the necessary accessories for the proper functioning of the system;
  • Includes a backup antenna as a way to ensure quick replacement in case of failure;


Antenna is part of the LORA Network aimed at data transmission and reducing communication distances.

Each antenna is composed of a gateway for GSM communication with a web platform in real time. Each gateway should allow the integration of video cameras and weather stations.

The network covers the entire municipality of Fundão, in an area of approximately 700 km². For this purpose, the antennas must have a range greater than 22 km.