Asset Management

Asset management

Evreka Platform provides suggestions for the most efficient resource allocation in the field and allows relocating the assets accordingly. With the allocation of resources running smoothly, managers can plan and track their orders with Evreka’s user-friendly dashboard. Evreka enables managers to be fully hands-on on their assets and to manage the assets throughout the most significant tasks, such as solid waste management.

Real-time tracking of assets can be kept with the most accurate and up-to-date information with the seamless integration of Evreka Locate and Evreka Sense with the Evreka Platform. Evreka’s high-quality asset management devices monitor the fill-level, temperature, and location of any container in real-time. It is possible to check the past activities performed on assets.

With the inventory management feature, the stock can be tracked instantly, and the most accurate and optimized inventory planning for the future can be realized. With optimized planning, possible stock-out situations are eliminated, thereby preventing user dissatisfaction and potential damage. Evreka provides managers with location-based asset management. With in-house developed solutions, asset tracking can be performed depending on geofence. According to the geofence determined by the managers, instant notifications can be received about the vehicles leaving the area.

All the asset-related data is digitally stored on the Evreka Platform and can be processed anytime to analyze the efficiency of your resources. Managers can get full control over the details, including the maintenance cycle of the assets. This regular maintenance monitoring and management prevents asset corruption or losses.