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The Project was presented by the City of Catanzaro following a call by the Calabria Region to develop logistics in the cities (Calabria Transport plan). The City Council of Catanzaro established two areas of the city where circulation of goods is limited (traffic-restricted zones) to propone sustainability (in the historic center and in the marine area, named “Catanzaro Lido”).


The main objective of this project is to support the development of the historic center and marine area of the City, together with promoting environmental sustainability, reduction of harmful gas emissions and adaptation to climate change. This particular project intends to implement:

  1. Measures that regulate access times to the traffic-restricted zones for all freight vehicles with reference to the categories and dimensions of the vehicles;
  2. Measures that provide control of freight traffic, with the creation of an App that allows the detection and booking of free parking spaces, including their electronic control;
  3. Measures that provide for infrastructural interventions (new signage, adaptation of parking stalls and their transformation into delivery areas, installation of parking bollards and access to traffic-restricted zones areas, installation of automatic computerized systems for controlling entrance gates with cameras and license plate reading, …);
  4. Measures involving the construction of two parking areas outside the two traffic-restricted zones for the unloading and sorting of goods from heavier vehicles on light means of transport by couriers and / or businesses (proximity logistics areas) in order to provide two NDA (Nearby Delivery Area) and pick-up points for goods to be transferred to the city center;
  5. A fleet of electric vehicles (20, 10 for each Area) with 70 kg electric cargo scooters for freight transport and with adapted electric cars for "last mile delivery" functions.