Coral Reef™ Platform

Bright Innovation
Image provided by Bright_Innovations

Bright Innovations has developed an open smart city platform called Coral Reef™. The Coral Reef™ platform is a technology ecosystem that connects and gathers data from an unlimited number of devices and sensors and available data sources and unifying the data to a single collaborative platform that grants accessibility to third party data users, thus creating a dynamic data marketplace, where legitimate data can be exchanged and even monetized. The platform also includes an app store for smart city application, open to multiple application developers.

These app developers can enjoy the data and tools made available by the Coral Reef system, as well as fast access to the market in every location Coral Reef™ technology will be deployed. Coral Reef™ technology is based on a cloud core, while it also includes available software and hardware network of smart nodes (Coral Reef™ Engines), each containing processors, devices and application management capabilities and communication channels.

Bright Innovations

The platform connects the smart nodes to each other and to various available sensors, cameras, and other data-collecting devices, and ultimately to a cloud-based Big-Data platform. The Coral Reef™ platform uses powerful analytics to interconnect people, devices, and the urban environment. Data collected is processed and analyzed through implementing Big-Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), providing further insights and extra value for Bright Innovations’ customers. [Moreover, the platform serves as a data marketplace and an app store, where developers, service providers and data generators can exchange data and offer their smart city applications and services based on revenue sharing and pay-as-you-use business model, with "zero CAPEX" approach.

Coral Reef™ is infrastructure agnostic and easily interacts with other platform and systems, offering its added-value capabilities to the market.