USMART unlocks the potential of smart data, providing the entire data pipeline from data ingestion to insight exploration with advanced data discovery.

  • Smart Integration: Integrate ANY data from ANY source into our infinitely scalable, automatable and super secure platform.
  • Smart Exploration: Drive real organisational value and transform data into actionable insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Smart Discovery: Advanced visualisation and sharing capabilities, with API curation to open data publication. All designed to build smarter communities.
Urban Tide USMART

Our team has years of experience working with cities and organisations on large scale data management programmes. We also offer innovative ‘data science as a service’ sprints designed to help you quickly unlock your data. USMART is available via the G-Cloud Framework.

Relevant challenges


USMART’s design is inspired by the problems large organisations have in unlocking the real power of their data. The problem solving and innovation it delivers is only possible as it is built using the latest big data and analytics technologies.

We make these technologies easy to use and accessible, with our super simple user interface, for you and your organisation.