Cycling Technology and Data Insights

See Sense

See.Sense is an award-winning cycling technology and data company, that is on a mission to make cycling safer and smarter.

We design innovative, connected products that improve the cycling experience, while crowd-sourcing sensor data including road surface condition, collisions and routes in near real-time. This creates a mobile sensor network platform that generates never before seen data for cities. Our products include consumer bike lights, theft tracking devices, as well as shared bikes/scooter integration.

See.Sense products contain patented, AI-enabled sensor technology, that monitors the rider's environment up to 800 times per second. As well as providing a range of benefits to riders by using our products, our technology provides highly granular insights into the rider's experience, including braking, swerving, collisions, and road surface conditions.

See Sense

For Cities
We provide the most comprehensive cycling data set available, as well as a process to engage and consult with local cycling communities. We also provide data analysis and consultancy data dashboard visualizations.

For Mobility Operators
We help mobility fleet operators - including bike share, cargo-bike share and scooter fleet operators - with state of the art data to improve operational efficiencies and safety.

For Employers and Partners
We work with employers and partners to create tailored programmes to engage their communities, and use data to inform sustainability objectives and reporting.