Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network

Sunshine Coast Council BBN 5
Image provided by The Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast submarine broadband cable is only the second landing site on Australia’s east coast and provides critical infrastructure for the country. It will also provide redundancy (disaster recovery solutions), diversity for customers, reduce latency and connect Queensland business and consumers directly to international markets.

The Sunshine Coast submarine cable (which landed on 23 December 2019) connects to the 9,700km Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) linking to Guam, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

The much-needed expansion of communications networks from Japan and Australia, to Asia and the United States will improve network redundancy, ensuring highly reliable communications, and expanding onward connectivity options in Guam.

At Guam, the JGA cable (which will deliver a design capacity of more than 36 terabits per second) will connect to the SEA-US Cable System, a highly efficient Trans-Pacific cable which will forge connections between South-East Asia and the United States for more than 1.5 billion people.

Compared to other destinations, the Sunshine Coast project is one of the few cables that will be able to reach into those big cities over one network (RTI network).

Sunshine Coast broadband cable 2

This project will stimulate investment and jobs growth in the region and will also change our profile from a tourism industry by encouraging big business to consider the Sunshine Coast as a tech-savvy region and a smart place for their business.

The cable will bring better data capacity for everyone and, over time, lead to reduced data costs.

The region will also leverage the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network to drive the development of the region as Australia’s first Digital Trade Hub - to take a region-wide approach to data and digital connectivity.

The opportunity to place a data centre in the region will ensure the Sunshine Coast is a true Point of Presence for international and domestic digital connectivity with full consumer content peering and consumer and business cloud peering.