Citizen's Digital Home

Citizen s Digital Home banner

This project, managed in a partnership with the University of Calabria and funded by the 2014-2020 EU Cohesion policy Regional Programme, aims at creating in Catanzaro a house of digital transformation within “palazzo Fazzari”, an historical building in the city center of Catanzaro showed in the picture on this page.


This “Citizen's Digital Home” will include an innovative and technological space, with co-working areas, where new ideas and strategies based on smart and open approaches can be developed. The structure will therefore include an area intended for co-working, digital experiences laboratories in which experimenting the applications of digital technologies and a workstation for workshops on digital transformation. Through an interactive website a parallel virtual space will be provided.

Relevant challenges

The Citizen's Digital Home will have three strategic levels of experimentation: a) innovation of the technological needs of start-ups in collaboration with local research institutes and the university located in Catanzaro; b) data analysis on the urban dimension; c) widespread education for digital citizenship.