Urban Sustainability Indicators for Smart Cities

HOPU Dashboard AI
Image provided by HOPU

HOPU empowers urban innovation with disruptive technologies such as AI for environmental assessment, and IoT devices to monitor impact, sustainability, and the environment. HOPU has a service that simplifies available data in a unique indicator that contextualizes, models and forecasts the environment for supporting informed decision making of each territory, based on its specific characteristics, management team, and citizens.

The current use cases of the service include a high range of indicators related to the pollen families & levels, pollution sources detection (industry, traffic, etc.), the impact of Low Emission Zones (LEZ), compliance with Sustainable Development Goals, low urban security zones control, and the urban health monitoring in specific areas as the case of schools to inform urban planners about harmful situations for the youngest.

Following the FIWARE Open Source approach, HOPU integrates datasets from different data sources such as water consumption (utilities), air quality, mobility, urban health, and socioeconomics; in order to understand and contextualize the effectiveness of every action. HOPU engages urban planners and decision-makers in the processes to ensure that the deployments are understandable, intuitive, and usable, bringing to the sector city-driven solutions for the entire ecosystem. For that purpose, HOPU has worked with different cities to create services of indicators based on needs.