Real-Time Pollen Detection

HOPU Pollen
Image provided by HOPU

The pollen service provides real-time accurate information related to contextual pollen count through a convenient dashboard. Thanks to real-time Particulate Matter (PM) monitoring and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the dashboard allows you to identify specific pollen species in each physical areas. Contextual data related to weather parameters such as humidity, temperature and wind speed are analyzed as they affect the amount of pollen grains present in the air. The enrichment of the data which correlates the PM size and the allergenic species integrates the influence of another other 6 different data sources: vegetation maps, weather historical data, pollen calendars & real-time monitoring of variables such as wind direction/force, humidity, temperature, etc.


The visualization tool shows the contextual and real-time levels of pollen as well as its different species.

Real-time Alert System and Notification channels via Telegram and email are available to keep users informed about the latest peak events.

This personalized and interactive dashboard is specifically designed to provide users with the best experience utilizing a responsive and easy to use the tool.

The service provides contextual recommendations that allow users to make informed decisions to avoid or prepare for the effects of allergens on specific groups at risk such as the elderly, pregnant women, asthmatics, allergic and children.

HOPU Pollen

To make more effective recommendations, the service differentiates Low, Medium a High risk depending on the pollen count and the specific thresholds for pollen load classes.

The dashboard also categorizes plant families to assess the effects of each measured pollen grain on human health.