PUMS: Interconnection of Sustainable Mobility Initiatives

PUMS Interconnection of Sustainable mobility initiatives banner

The Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan (PUMS, in Italian) of the Municipality of Catanzaro is configured as a long-term strategic plan - lasting ten years - to develop sustainable mobility in the city. It intends to promote new urban mobility planning models that focus on the needs of citizens starting from an in-depth analysis of the local context.


The PUMS includes various projects, such as:

  1. A new metropolitan railway connection between the new Catanzaro railway station in Germaneto (location of the regional public administration, nearby the city of Catanzaro) and the Catanzaro Sala station (in the city) to support civil servants travelling from the city to the regional administrative headquarters in Germaneto;
  2. Adaptation of the metropolitan line of the existing railway network in the Fiumarella valley between Catanzaro Sala (the city) and Catanzaro Lido (the marine area) to connect the city center with the marine area;
  3. City Logistics: creation of two areas to be allocated to urban logistics (see the dedicated page on this project for more information);
  4. The promotion of the Catanzaro Lido harbour;
  5. Additional actions aimed at optimising the urban sustainable mobility system of Catanzaro.

For instance, additional actions include: in the Musofalo area of the city, an interchange pole between the extra-urban road access to the centre of the City and the surface train stop at the judicial pole located within the city; the redevelopment works of the parking lot near the main theatre of the city (“Politeama”); an exchange parking at the funicular serving the historic centre of the city; sustainable mobility systems such as car and bike sharing (see the dedicated page on the “Green road” project for more information), including the creation of hub stations and the purchase of vehicles and bicycles; the development of the existing connection between the Catanzaro Sala railway station and the funicular.