Smart Parking - Live Crowdsourced Information, Payment and Reservations

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SpotAngels is a community-based app that helps drivers find free parking, get deals on garages, pay meters by the minute and avoid parking tickets.

Also referred to as “Waze for parking”, SpotAngels is based on a community of drivers in your city who keep the parking maps updated to save everyone time and money searching for parking and avoiding parking tickets.

Increase parking revenue & reduce parking congestion
An app to help drivers find & pay for parking. A data platform to help cities manage parking.

Live parking map crowdsourced by the community
Your city parking inventory- including street parking rules, garage rates and parking occupancy- constantly updated by the SpotAngels community.

Update the parking map without GIS expertise
Use the Map Editor to do mass updates and validate edits made by the SpotAngels community.

Quick and easy payment process
Drivers in your city will find & pay for parking at a tap of a button.

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