Dordrecht “Green Blue Island”

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The City of Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland. Its location on the water has made the city flourish. That special bond with the water still influences life and work in the city. The economic development policy sees opportunities in the maritime sector, the industry in which the city and region possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. The water also attracts visitors to the city.

Attractive city

Dordrecht is a city with a rich history. The city is enclosed by rivers and National ParkDe Biesbosch and therefore has water and nature in the immediate vicinity. Dordrecht is an attractive city with a lot to do and more and more people are discovering that. The city center with its many historical qualities has a lot of touristic value and the residents of Dordrecht use it as a 'second living room'.

Dordrecht city centre


Dordrecht and the Drechtsteden are located in a competitive region, within the sphere of influence of 'big brother' Rotterdam. The region is easily accessible by rail, water and highway at the gateway to the Randstad, between Rotterdam and Antwerp. In the region, a large part of the population works on large transport axes on the multimodally accessible industrial estates.

The region has traditionally been regardedas a specialist nationally in the maritime sector. The niche of the region is the so-called delta technology: dredging, shipbuilding and logistics.

Dordrecht economy

Future Goals

Dordrecht invests in the quality of the city and the well-being of all residents of Dordrecht. We are continuing to build a pleasant, sustainable living environment and more equal opportunities. A city with excellent amenities. And a good business climate. We do this by investing in the Dordrecht 2030 Agenda: entrepreneurship, people, knowledge and infrastructure and the living climate.

The main objective is to increase the number of inhabitants in the city. If we ensure that the number of inhabitants increases again and becomes more prosperous, we lay a solid foundation for the maintenance of our facilities, a higher quality of life and we take advantage of the opportunities that the city offers. The current and future residents of Dordrecht will benefit from this.

Dordrecht future goals

The City of Dordrecht is involved in the SCORE, Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme.