Butterfly SmartCity Network

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A turnkey smart city solution for administrations, citizens and businesses. Access to local businesses, local news, local events, local communities, buy & sell products and services, pay for bills, report issues, keep track of activities, and so much more! Simplify the access to the services of your city and make a positive impact on your residents.

One App for All
Having one app that offers so many services altogether as part of an ecosystem where all is interconnected allows your city to advertise only one single app instead of ten different services.

This method permits the increase in market adoption among residents and simplicity at all levels by having only a single platform to support instead of several that were never meant to be compatible.

Neighbourhood & Notifications
Superbly designed, Butterfly gives residents access to the best the neighborhood has to offer in products, services, amusements, activities, deals, and news.

Push notifications can also be used by emergency services in the event of a (natural) disaster to blast push notify all residents based on (realtime) geolocation and by zones

Local Circular Sustainable Economy
Create and maintain the added value produced locally to serve and circulate among fellow residents.

Internet of Things
Connect, Find, Promote and Interact with all your city devices such as Public Displays, Smart Meters & Sensors such as pollution, Smart trash, Smart Lighting, Wifi, and all Internet of Things (IoT).

Let the people interact with smart devices in a unified mobile app system.

Market, Jobs and Tourism
Energize the city's commercial districts, merchants, shopping centers and enable residents to shop, find and be offered jobs locally.

Promote local multi-modal loyalty programs including bonuses, advantages, various credits such as parking, and more.

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Offer special deals & coupons and other goodies to a wider audience to promote incoming tourism and buyers from other cities.

Localized Emergency Services
Efficiently reduce intervention times, realtime enriched event related information, masterful handling of massive multimedia data influx, auto-assignment and dispatch of units, full cycle incident management and reporting.

Freely available to all residents directly embedded at the heart of the co-branded official SmartCity App for quick & easy adoption. Inter-Modal between agencies.

Unique outdoor & indoor realtime geolocation, enriched reporting (event description, identification, medical condition), multimedia communication including text, voice, and video.