MEsM@RT - Smart City Platform


MEsM@RT is a project aiming at enabling development in the country's major urban areas, applying the "Smart city" paradigm for the redesign and modernization of urban infrastructure services for the actors involved in running the city.



The project is developed on 4 vertical areas of intervention (which converge within the Control Room):

  1. Territory Monitoring;
  2. Video Surveillance;
  3. Environmental monitoring;
  4. Water distribution management.

Relevant challenges

MEsM@RT has 5 key objectives:

  1. Provide user-oriented information about the city
  2. Provide tools to support urban planning
  3. Activate a continuous monitoring process
  4. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of urban services
  5. Accelerate the adoption of new technologies

MEsM@RT consists of 5 application components:

  1. The IoT Platform which is the point of pouring and managing data coming from various installed sensors. The platform allows operators to create ad hoc dashboards to present the data;
  2. The Big Data Platform (DUDE - Digital Urban) is used for the creation of use cases falling within the Big Data domain and the integration of databases;
  3. The Device Manager manages IoT devices from the point of view of geo-referencing, maintenance and data collection;
  4. Remote Sensing is responsible for analysing satellite data against the data in the 3D WebGIS.
  5. Video analysis monitors and stores events from video cameras. Machine Learning algorithms are used to warn operators if people are committing criminal acts.