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Image provided by the City of Ventspils

Ventspils is a city in north-western Latvia and is the sixth largest city in the country. At the beginning of 2019, Ventspils had a population of 34,377. It is situated on the Venta River and the Baltic Sea, and has an ice-free port with an industrial zone.

Ventspils vision is to unleash the potential of Ventspils digital economy through talent strategy. The digital economy will require new talents, based on knowledge, skills, creativity and passion. Equipping workforce with technical skills and fostering a culture of continuous innovation are foundational ingredients that can help both city economy and municipality achieve real results for those they serve and build a better world.

To drive economic growth and opportunity we need to develop several effective workforce development pipelines that will provide opportunities to learn digital skills and to develop creativity for people of all ages and backgrounds – starting from the pre-school age to the University and also addressing re-skilling and up-skilling needs for adults.

High performing areas of Ventspils city:

  • City wide 100G optical metropolitan area network
  • Direct access to the international optical networks
  • Municipal data centre
  • Public access to the ICT for all
  • Wide array digital skills classes for children of all ages.