Digital Skills Embedded in Education

Digital Skills - Ventspils
Image provided by the City of Ventspils

Providing effective digital skills is essential to ensure the development of talent and the sustainable growth of a smartcity.


This solution aims to scale up learners’ and teachers’ digital and computing skills. Through this solution, Ventspils wants to promote a fun and engaging use of digital methods across the school curriculum and ensure that digital skills are learned pervasively at all stages of education and training phases.

In Ventspils digital skills development for pupils take place in 30 groups in 13 different areas and are 100% financed by municipality. All classes take place once a week from September to May. More than 15% of pupils attend one or more classes each year.

Relevant challenges

The international competition “Ventspils IT Challenge” is taking place in Ventspils, where young people from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland are demonstrating their skills in the creative use of technology for the fifth year in a row. The winners receive various cash prizes - from a total prize money fund of 12,000 EUR.

The topics of the competition are related to the presence of technology in all areas of life, with special emphasis on natural sciences, engineering, mathematics and technology (STEM).