Solar Powered Compacting Bins

Image provided by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

BRITE BIN™ Our Award Winning Solar Powered Compacting Litter Bins are the perfect solution for managing street litter.


The BriteBin™ software solution is a powerful cloud-based platform. It allows the customer to monitor fill-levels across their litter bin fleet and pro-actively deploy collection resources to only those bins requiring service.

An integrated bin-fill sensor monitors litter levels inside the bin and communicates the fill-level data in real time to the PEL BriteBin™ data management platform. The BriteBin™ software processes this data and issues an alert via email or SMS to the appropriate authority when a bin needs to be emptied.


  • The integrated compaction system within the PEL BriteBin™ reduces litter collection costs by up to 10 times.
  • The PEL BriteBin™ technology operates a traffic light tracking system. This identifies when the bin requires emptying and an automated alert is generate and sent to the authorized authority.
  • The integrated foot pedal creates a contactless user experience and eliminates a possible trip hazard.
  • The PEL BriteBin™ features a standard wheeled internal bin liner which collects the litter. A standard bin liner plastic bag can be used if required.
  • The dome top of polycarbonate that houses the built in solar panel is 200 times stronger than glass and is UV protected. This eliminates the ability to leave litter on top of the bin.
  • The PEL BriteBin™ technology features a fire detection alert which will inform the authorized authority of any tampering with the unit.


  • The PEL BriteBin™ reduces carbon emissions which helps lower your carbon footprint.
  • The PEL BriteBin™ is a sealed self-contained unit that stops birds and vermin removing litter from the bin and contaminating the water source. It also eliminates overflowing bins and costly emergency clean ups.
  • There are zero running costs to the BriteBin™ due to the integrated solar panel. This generates power and stores it for use in a 12 volt battery. The mono crystal solar panel works off daylight factor not just sun light.
  • All PEL machines are manufactured to the meet requirements of the ISO9001 Quality Standard and are CE Certified.
  • The PEL BriteBin™ features an integrated infrared sensor which takes a fill level reading every 3 seconds. This allows for the bin to be monitored in real time 24 hours a day. An automated alert system is in place to indicate any errors that may occur. E.g. The service door has been left open.
  • Aside from the reduction in costs there are many benefits to the PEL BriteBin™ such as its positive impact on our natural environment. It improves the quality of the air and also cuts down the volume of single use plastic required.