Human-Centric Management of Personal Data - MyDataShare - City as a MyData Operator!

MyData is a human-centric approach to personal data management empowering individuals with their own personal data. MyData concept entertains the concept of the MyData Operator, a ‘guardian’ infrastructure provider in-between the data providers, data using services, and individuals. A city can act as a MyData Operator and act as a key enabler towards human-centered, sustainable data-oriented service development around personal data - it can free up under-utilized personal data for fresh, innovative uses.

By following the MyData principle and by using Vastuu Group’s solution, cities can provide people the understanding of how the city uses their data – consent management (granting/revoking) is made clear and easy to understand for residents. Data is used ethically, transparently, and for the benefit of the people in designing proactive services for the future.

MyData solutions ease the daily life of the residents by consolidating the data collected by the city. Unified ways of working and services executed according to MyData principles enable scalable availability of digital services across administrative silos.

Finnish cities of Helsinki, Turku, Espoo, and Oulu are jointly defining how MyData thinking fits Finnish cities and municipalities and to build practical solutions to demonstrate MyData capabilities. Other stakeholders are the Finnish Tax Authority, Ministry of Education, and various state organisations and ministries. The work is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Finance with 2,65 M€.

Helsinki aims to reduce daycare fees for families by automatization of the benefits system. The daycare fee is based on the parents’ income. To be eligible for reduced daycare fees, both parents must provide the city with requested documents to justify their financial status. In Helsinki, this means about 27.000 children annually. The entire process is being automated by a new ICT solution, which will incorporate a MyData aspect of consent management. In the future, parents are able to give their consent for direct verification of their income data from the National Income Registry.

The solution: MyData Share - an operator platform

MyDataShare is an operator platform. It enables requesting personal data from different sources, against a digitally documented purpose and legal basis, and doesn’t allow access to personal data without an individual's permission. It doesn’t handle the personal data of individuals during the data exchange process.

MyDataShare can be used by entities acting as a MyData operator to connect different systems across public-private and industry vertical boundaries. It is an easy way to add transparency into personal data exchange taking place between organisations - and also to organisation’s new local personal data processing needs, as our first deployment cases which we locally operate under demonstrate.