Improving Indoor Conditions for Health and Well-Being

Image provided by Vastuu Group

Indoor conditions, in homes, schools, and workplaces, have a big effect on our health and wellbeing. Monitoring those conditions enables effective use of space, and reduces the buildings’ environmental impact.

The indoor conditions management service Vastuu Group offers uses the Platform of Trust solution that harmonizes data coming from a variety of systems and sensors. Data is collected from basic databases, sensors placed in the building, energy monitoring, and user activities.

The users will be able to give feedback on the conditions, and send a message or a service request using their cell phones. The data gathered is matched with exact location data in the building. This is done using a “digital twin,” which combines historical and basic data with dynamic data on conditions, service requests, and occupancy rates, for example.

The biggest customer for this solution is Senate Properties, which is the work environment partner of the Finnish civil service and a facility expert with over 9,000 buildings. The solution is in use in Senate Properties buildings in five Finnish cities.