Student Safety app (MyWay)


Designed originally to help women students feel safer walking in their town or city at night, MyWay provides live safety information to any student at the University of Reading. The app makes use of a network of LoRaWAN sensors deployed on every street in Reading and across the university campus. Students can see on the map at a glance:

  1. recently reported incidents (fighting, or a creepy guy approaching women, etc.)
  2. which streets are busy, which are quiet, and which are empty
  3. which streets are well-lit, and which are dark
  4. where there friends are on the map (you control who can see you)
  5. instant directions home (walking or bus) - useful to new students in Reading

If a user sees something that worries them, they can report it on the app so that other students know to avoid the area. It can even automatically SMS your mum (or other named contact) to let her know you've got home safely!

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