Smart Sustainability Management Platform

Energy Elephant
Image provided by EnergyElephant

EnergyElephant helps you make better energy and sustainability decisions using your data.

Our smart sustainability platform allows users create, store and analyse all their energy, waste, water, transport and other carbon emissions all in one simple to use place. Smart cities use smart systems such as EnergyElephant to simplify reporting and reduce costs while improving sustainability outcomes.


Automated Data Processing
Data is extracted automatically, and immediately available for analysis. This saves time, and avoids tedious and error prone data entry.

Instant Energy Insights
EnergyElephant can provide instant energy audits and assessments, with insights proven to reduce costs & consumption.

Find Cheaper Suppliers
EnergyElephant checks your unit rates against competitive rates in the market based on your actual usage.

Carbon Footprint
We show you your carbon footprint based on your actual energy use and the grid associated emissions at the time of use.

Renewable Energy
Should you invest in renewables? We can help you identify which renewables might be most effective for you.

Smart Cities by EE

Resource Use
Reducing the use of non-renewable sources of energy is critical to the transition to a low carbon economy.

All Your Data Accessible Always
EnergyElephant keeps all your energy data save and secure in the cloud, meaning you’ll always have access when you need it.

Supplier Agnostic
With EnergyElephant you can change your supplier whenever you want, safe in the knowledge your energy data’s secure and accessible.

100% Transparent
Generally energy bills are difficult to understand. We cut through the data and turn it into useful, understandable information.