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Evreka designs digitized and end-to-end waste management solutions with a focus on operational excellence in the waste management industry. Evreka is a leading SaaS company, providing the most comprehensive intelligent solution designed for the entire category of waste management across the globe.

The Most Comprehensive Waste Management Platform

Evreka is aiming to reshape the waste management business by delivering end-to-end solutions and cutting-edge products, as well as guaranteeing operational excellence. Evreka improves integrated platforms to utilize software, and hardware innovations as well as works in cooperation with waste management companies, local authorities, and municipalities all over the world for a more sustainable and digital process management.

Evreka adds value to the waste management industry through solutions designed with advanced technology. Evreka creates the best waste management solution by far, All-In-One Evreka Platform, to improve and digitize the whole waste process. Evreka's scalable, fully integrable, ultra-modern, and modular platform empowers its users to run their companies within the scope of the circular economy, execute on their sustainability goals, and optimize their business processes. With the customer-centric point of view, Evreka strives for the needs of its users transparently. Evreka adopts environmental initiatives and reflects an outstanding level of innovation that drives real business value and advances sustainability.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Evreka is highly specialised and caters to the special and specific needs of the following industries by providing a set of services specially designed for the industry's challenges: