Finance Management

Finance management

Processing of the suppliers’ paper or email invoices is slow and costly. Quite often, when invoices need to be manually held in a system, errors occur that require additional costly manual interference. It is a module for ensuring accurate billing arrangements and service agreements to match the particular requirements of each customer. That reduces the processing effort tremendously. Evreka develops solutions that can be fully integrated into any existing third-party system or tool. Besides integration, Evreka also offers its own billing solution!

Relevant challenges

High-performance Evreka RFID Reader tracks your vehicles/garbage trucks, and task fulfillment for any container. Seamless integration of Evreka RFID with the Evreka Software Platform lets you track and submit your task fulfilments to contracting authorities. Thus, no paperwork and headaches anymore! Moreover, thanks to Evreka Captain App, you can report and offer the time spent, traveled distance, consumed fuel, and more metrics to support your proof-of-work.

Evreka has robust pricing mechanisms that minimize financial risks, maintain profit and revenue, optimize capital returns, and promote better prices. With AI and machine learning, your organization can analyze the customer- or product segment margins that are the basis for the pricing structure. Best-in-class pricing processes provide consistent pricing metrics and visibility for pricing decisions to be efficient!

If you understand your unit economics in the operations, you will understand what you need to do to achieve your goals and what you need to pay attention to make your waste management the most efficient and optimal. In all of your waste management operations, you can measure how much of your company’s resources are allocated to each unit and how much each unit creates for your company.