City of Gothenburg “Sustainable city – open to the world”

Gothenburg banner

We are a sustainable city open to the world that is working on providing the best service for our citizens and visitors. We want to share and engage with our citizens so that we can bring the right service providing both for their digital and physical needs.

A great deal is happening in Gothenburg at the moment. The city is growing rapidly and is preparing to receive almost 120,000 more inhabitants by 2035. Many people want to move here, both from the surrounding areas and from other countries. New companies are looking to establish operations in the city. More tourists want to visit Gothenburg.

The fact that the city is growing also means that it is changing. New homes are being built and new housing areas and districts are emerging on what was previously industrial land.

With more people in Gothenburg, it is the responsibility of the city authority to provide support and services to the city’s residents, visitors, and businesses. Education, local meeting places, a wide range of associations, and a rich and varied cultural life present the people of the city with the opportunity to develop. With service, support, and care, we can make a difference.

Initiatives the City of Gothenburg is involved in:

- SCORE, Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme
- IRIS project Horizon 2020
- 100 climate neutral cities

Photos by Lo Birgersson