URBANITE - Supporting the decision-making

Schermata 2022 03 24 alle 10 10 52

The Urbanite project promotes a long-term sustainable ecosystem model to adopt a data-driven decision-making approach in urban mobility planning.

This ecosystem balances the expectations and trust of civil servants, citizens, and different actors involved in the value chain in new emerging and disruptive technologies.IMPACTS: The project is developed on 2 areas of intervention:

-The Dashboard intended for the technicians of the municipality, as a decision support tool for the management of urban mobility; SoPoLab activities for the active involvement of local stakeholders and PA partners in the co-creation of new decision policies and mobility management strategies.

-The action will enable public authorities to develop pathways for the introduction of disruptive technologies, while also addressing the societal challenges raised by such technologies. Based on a thorough understanding of users’ needs, the action will enhance knowledge on digital democracy (using the DECIDIM - URBANITE platform) and develop new ways of providing public services, ensuring public governance, and boosting public engagement with the help of disruptive technologies.