KANiO® - Operations Management Software

Kanio 1
Image provided by HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The four pillars of the HST solution offering – with more than 20 years of experience in technical operations management:

Rapid Success

What you can rely on: The transfer from your current approach to KANiO® is extremely quick and operation is intuitive. After that, you have all the important data for productive operation and can achieve, on average, an increase in efficiency of around 30 percent in the first year.

Support during Process Change

KANiO® results in maximum transparency for your operations. Accordingly, it is ideal for identifying optimization potential in your processes. You can rely on HST‘s many years of experience when implementing KANiO® and our qualified staff are on hand to offer expert support.

KA Ni O Dashboard

Integrative System

KANiO® is a system which adopts flexibly to your needs in many aspects. Needless to say it integrates existing IT structures such as your GIS, your process control technology and your commercial system. This enables optimal networking of all important elements.

Assured Process Reliability

Implementation of KANiO® reduces your risk of investment. After all, HST offers a guarantee on your investments which, in turn, ensures process reliability. This means HST assures that your processes in the new operations management system run reliably. All of these are only possible because KANiO® functions so optimally.