Image provided by the City of Istanbul
Image provided by the City of Istanbul

Pay-It-Forward is a project in which IMM only acts as an intermediary. It is a solidarity platform where needy people are first subjected to social examination and allowed to upload their ISKI and IGDAS (water and gas) bills to the system. In the face of the emerging need, Istanbulites, who had the opportunity, can extend a helping hand.

The needy people who leave bills to the system are our citizens who declare that their per capita income is 775 TL and below during the online application to It is not possible for those with an income above 775 TL to the pay-it-forward system. The loss of income that occurred during the pandemic process has become a major local problem. One of the most important goals is to reach our citizens who have lost their income and are in real need.

The project software had to be completed in a very short time due to the rapid progress of the pandemic in order to ensure solidarity among our citizens with the Pay-It-Forward system. The production phase of the software was completed in a very short time with intensive work since it was carried out with integrations in cooperation between Administration & Affiliates.

€3,000,000 Bills Paid!

As of 04.01.2021, around 26 million TL (approx. €3.000.000) bills of 187,595 families were paid with solidarity among citizens with this project.

IMM administration has just an intermediary role here. Since it is a project that guarantees the helps reach to the 100% of the needy citizens, large masses were reached with the help of people without questioning. Hence, the needy citizens received 100% support in the project. The Pay-It-Forward Project set an example model, which was put into practice by taking the example of the metropolitan municipalities in Turkey such as Ankara (capital of Turkey), Izmir, Mersin and Antalya. Additionally, the project is more financially viable as it is developed entirely with internal resources.The invoices that the affiliate companies (ISKI and IGDAS) could not receive are collected.

Image provided by the City of Istanbul
Image provided by the City of Istanbul

Moreover, it was decided to expand the scope of the program and Family Support and Mother-Baby Packages were created when realising the success of the Pay-It-Forward program. It is possible to provide 100 or 250 TL aid to families whose needs are confirmed after the socio-economic evaluation, within the framework of Family Support Package. Mother-Baby Package 125 TL per month for mothers with 1 baby between 0-3 years old. For mothers with two babies, 200 TL per month is charged to their Istanbulkart (transportation card) account. With this money, mothers can meet their babies' needs for food, diapers and wet wipes.

In these difficult times, people want to help each other, but they want to know that this help is going to the right place. The best aspect of IMM's "Pay-It-Forward" Project (and the family-oriented aid packages developed afterwards) is that the entire assistance goes to the needy without any cuts in administrative costs incurred in some auxiliary organisations, and the left hand does not know what the right hand gives in accordance with our traditions.

Find out more about Pay-it-Forward at the website for the initiative.

Relevant challenges

The pandemic disrupted the economy as well as upsetting our lives regarding health. Families whose income was cut with the curfew could not pay their bills. In the face of the emerging need, Istanbulites, who had the opportunity, wanted to extend a helping hand.