Terrassa's Open Data portal was born with the aim of any citizen or company should be able to analyze, reuse and redistribute data, creating new value added services and thus allowing the public administration deepen concepts like transparency towards citizens (open government) and promoting wealth creation through intelligent resource management (intelligent government).

Make the data available to the society makes any person, company or organization able to build upon them a new idea to generate new data, knowledge or creating new services to report economic benefits and/or social. The terms Open Data and RISP (Reuse of Public Sector Information) are closely related.

Open data terrassa aditional

Terrassa’s Open Data portal, based on CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network), was created following the best recommendations for an Open Data portal:

  • Public: It is advisable to make all public data open.
  • Detailed: Post the original data with the more detailed level possible.
  • Updated: Data should be made available to users as often as necessary to ensure that the data do not lose their value.
  • Accessible: Make data accessible on the platform to as many users as possible.
  • Automated: The data must be processed automatically (without manual human intervention).
  • No registration: Data should be available to all, without prior registration.
  • Open: It is recommended the use of non-proprietary formats.
  • Free: Data should be used 100% free to users.

By following these recommendations the city wants to promote access to municipal government data and fostering the development of creative tools to engage and serve citizens.