Vienna “Capital of Digitalisation”

Image provided by the City of Vienna.
Image provided by the City of Vienna.

The digitalisation of the City of Vienna is a primary strategic concern with great relevance for society and its institutions, for living together, business and politics.

Today, the city's municipal cleaning services, power supply, schools, traffic, health facilities, food supplies and Vienna's general administration can no longer get by without information and communication technologies (ICT). Not only do they ensure the city's proper functioning, they also offer the golden opportunity to supply citizens with truly smart and innovative city services, making the city still more immediately tangible to its residents.

Objectives of Vienna's Digital Agenda

  • Long-term strategic control of the transformation process, culminating in the City of Vienna's establishment as "capital of digitalisation"
  • Making best use of new technologies to achieve the goals of the SmartCity Vienna Framework Strategy 2050
  • Strengthening the fast-growing ICT sector while at the same time ensuring social fairness
  • Participation and involvement of the citizens of Vienna in the advancing digitalisation of city services
  • Harnessing the enormous opportunities for digital city administration
  • Building and developing cutting-edge infrastructure while ensuring security, confidence and protection
Mein.Wien - image provided by City of Vienna
Mein.Wien - image provided by City of Vienna

Initiatives in Vienna

The Urban data platform Smart Data Wien ( provides a FIWARE based citywide infrastructure for capturing and using data for various Smart City projects in fields like energy, buildings, and mobility.

Since 2011 the City of Vienna has been publishing Open Data to show transparency and to enable data driven innovation.

The programme Wien gibt Raum captures and maps Vienna’s public space and the objects that are in it. The collected data is used to centralise official permit procedures for e.g. street cafés, parklets, street festivals and many other projects in public space. Thus, the use of public space for citizens and businesses is to be simplified.

WienBot - Image provided by City of Vienna
WienBot - Image provided by City of Vienna

The WienBot is the digital assistant of the City of Vienna and provides answers to questions about the most used content, routing information, city map content and public transport departure times. It answers directly, briefly and to the point. The information is tailored to the situation in which it is needed. The WienBot also learns continuously and suggests suitable further links or services of the City of Vienna.

Mein.Wien is to become the digital hub to offer Viennese citizens the highest comfort and speed in their dealings with the authorities. In addition, the city will inform people about news and events in their Grätzl. Mein.Wien is thus also an up-to-date companion for their living environment.

The Culture-Token with the slogan "protect the climate and enjoy culture" is a digital pilot and research project for playful rewards for climate-friendly behaviour.