Digital Trust Infrastructure for IoT Data Exchange and Transactions

Image provided by Vaulut

Vaulut develops decentralized digital infrastructure for collaboration and co-creation of smart city applications using IoT.

Our full-stack solution offers a decentralized network where privacy, security and data sovereignty are embedded at an infrastructure level, creating a trusted transaction medium. This enables peer-to-peer data exchange and payments between IoT devices.

Using our easy to use developer tools, developers can rapidly build web applications for IoT devices. With the ability to automate transactions, IoT driven processes can be automated and optimized. The platform is open and accessible by everyone, enabling open innovation.

This trust infrastructure facilitates ecosystem application development like energy smart grids, integrated mobility solutions or other smart urban infrastructure. If you are part of an ecosystem that is trying to develop cross-domain solutions through collaboration and co-creation, our digital infrastructure might be the perfect foundation for your project.

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