Efficient Management of Waste towards Circular Economy

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The most comprehensive waste management software solution.

EIRAVATO is a complete waste management software combining knowledge, know-how and technology to empower clients to grow their sustainability.

Our tools create extensive environment empowering organizations to access quality reports and materials knowledge, discover and deliver Zero Waste To Landfill, Closed Loop and Circular Economy.

EIRAVATO helps to digitize waste data, discover LEAN projects and reach Sustainable Development Goals.

By utilizing both Big Data Waste Classification, and Blockchain Material Tracking, EIRAVATO provides EHS leaders with an innovative solution that delivers cost-effective and practical LEAN and CIRCULAR waste management model.

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Big Data Waste Classification - Digitize Waste at the Material Level

To bring intelligence into waste data EIRAVATO designed own material focused waste classification, empowering industry to see, productise and valorise materials from the future potential perspective. Classification has been recognised by Carbon Trust. Our data goes beyond industry standards to deliver bullet-proof evidence packs for Zero Waste to Landfill, Closed Loop,

Circular Economy or any audit requirement. Enabling customers to utilise knowledge towards capturing Carbon data.

Transparency & Traceability - Mitigating risk

Use of recycled assets is considered a risk due to lack of consistent quality and traceability. To de-risk Circular transformation, increase value of circular materials and create sustainable high quality feeds, EIRAVATO deployed blockchain technology. Using crypto tokens, each waste transfer is monitored and tracked, with material lifecycle securely locked in the crypto block.

Lean Waste Management - Discover Lean Projects

EIRAVATO LEAN tools empower leaders to mange and de-risk implementation of lean waste management strategies. Coming from the industry background we understand that transition is not always easy, therefore we have designed tools that help to fit LEAN into existing environment, with minimum disruptions and maximum benefits.

We see the EIRAVATO process as an enabler to further secure not only the availability of quality circular materials but also to meet the growing demand for such materials that could readily complement our production process.