Budapest “Queen of the Danube”

Credits Municipality of Budapest
Credits Municipality of Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The Queen of the Danube is an architectural gem, with its frivolous buildings, bridges and squares is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world.

The neo-gothic Hungarian parliament is the biggest building in Hungary and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Buda castle offers a great view of the city. The buildings around the city relate the city’s long history. Budapest has some very well conserved Roman sites and baths. Budapest has an active nightlife and the city organizes many cultural events for habitants and visitors. Budapest hosts different European headquarters such as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and the European Police College.


Budapest is a huge economic centre in Hungary. The banking sector is prominent in the city. Staying true to its medical history Budapest is also active in the pharmaceutical industry. The city is an important biotechnological hub. Many different successful startups were found in Budapest, Prezi being a popular example. Tourism contributes a large portion of the local economy. Each year the capital welcomes 12 million visitors from all over the world.

Future Goals and Interests

Budapest strives to become the central hub for smart cities in Eastern Europe. The Smart City Budapest(SCB) initiative regroups smart initiatives individuals have taken. The SCB already has some successful projects. The use-it Budapest map is a free map of Budapest for visitors. The map not only guides tourists around the most important tourist attractions, it also gives information about these monuments. SCB has been promoting cycling to work to declutter the streets. This project has been a success thanks to the BUBIpublic bike sharing system. The system has not stopped expanding since its inauguration. The SCB created small green spaces in the city, and installed community gardens. Budapest wants to establish Budapest Smart City Centre of Excellence at a Budapest university. To facilitate commuting around the city, Budapest developed the FUTAR Journey Planner app. This app helps plan trips with public transport, users can also check out the time schedules and find nearby ticket vending machines.

Budapest has created the Budapest 2030, long-term urban development concept. The concept’ core values are: liveability, sustainability, and equal opportunities. These are areas where Budapest wants to improve. In terms of sustainability the city has already made improvements. Budapest now uses electric hybrid buses for their public transport. The city has also been working on modernizing the street lighting with newer and more environmentally friendly alternatives.