Main focus of Brno City Municipality in the IT sector is its data platform that serves as a central access point for open data to the public in the need of data for the research or business projects in order to facilitate further growth of key sectors that underpin prosperity of our region.

Data platform was launched in December 2020. The main motivation for changing the dataweb technology was to increase the quality of open data and the possibility of sharing them. The website itself will not change its structure, but develop its content, which has proved very successful over time.

The goal is to focus significantly more on automated high-quality open data, which can become the basis for other applications or projects. An example can be a data set provided by the tourist website, which contains a list of upcoming events. It can then be used by any application that wants to use this calendar of events. Another attractive feature is represented by sensor data in general, which are bound to increase over time. The first significant herald will be the data set from the most widely used WAZE navigation app containing current data concerning the traffic situation in Brno.


The amount of additional sensor data will increase over time, and this in particular was one of the reasons why the new dataweb is built on the ArcGIS HUB technology, which is ready for the processing of sensor data, while the licence for it has been already purchased by the Brno City Municipality.

Another reason for the migration to this platform was the need for independence from suppliers and control over the entire content of the website. The new solution has been tailor-made especially for spatial data (GIS data), the intention is therefore to make available the high-quality spatial data that the city of Brno has in its possession.