Fastprk: Control of Reserved Parking Spaces for People with Reduced Mobility

Image provided by Urbiotica

PRM reserved seats are essential for people with reduced mobility, as they facilitate access to their destinations. These seats are reserved exclusively for people who have the European Disability Card.

Urbiotica's smart parking control solution for PRM parking spaces guides users directly to free spots and at the same time allows to remotely alert surveillance services about possible infractions when unauthorized users park.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Identification and control of users parked in each space allows to drastically reduce violations in PRM spaces.
  • The control of authorized users frees up fraudulently used spaces and offers more parking possibilities to those who really need it.
  • Authorized users of these PRM spaces have real-time information on where to find an available space, thus offering them a better and simpler experience when moving around.
  • The real-time display of alerts allows optimizing control operations and the resources allocated to this management, being able to prioritize the areas with more infractions.

The system includes:

  • U-Spot M2M sensors installed in each parking space.
  • App for authorized users where they are informed of free parking spaces and must declare having parked.
  • Control App for parking attendants
  • U-Admin web platform to manage the system
  • API to integrate with any third party system
PRM illustration

How does it work?

1. The user parks in a PMR reserved space and the sensor detects his arrival. Once parked, he has to declare that he is occupying the space.

2. If he does not declare it or if he exceeds the defined time, an alert is automatically sent to the security guard.

3. If the vehicle is removed, or if the alert is dealt with by the guard, it disappears.

4. From U-Admin the manager can configure and monitor all system activity.