Fastprk: Loading & Unloading Parking Control

Image provided by Urbiotica

Areas reserved for loading & unloading operations have a key role in urban mobility. Every day a multitude of deliveries depends on the availability of nearby parking spaces.

With our control solution you will able to guide these users directly to the available spaces and, at the same time, remotely alert the services in charge of vigilance when an infraction occurs when an unauthorized user parks.


  • The identification and control of the users achieve a drastic infraction reduction in the loading & unloading areas.
  • The control of maximum authorizes time respect increases the rotations in the area and impacts favorably on the space availability.
  • The real-time visualization of the alerts allows the optimization of the control operations, being able to prioritise the areas with more infractions.
  • The authorized users have real-time information on where to find free spaces which increases their efficiency.

The system includes:

  • U-Spot M2M gateway-less sensors installed in each parking space .
  • APP for authorized users through with they check-in once they park their vehicle and may consult parking availability as well.
  • Control app for parking attendants.
  • U-Admin web platform to manage the system.
  • API to integrate with any third party system.

How does it work?

  1. The carrier parks in a loading & unloading space. The sensor detects the presence of the new vehicle.
  2. The user checks-in through the parking APP to notify he parked in a specific or within a group of parking spaces.
  3. If the user doesn’t check-in or in case the maximum authorized time defined is exceeded, an alert is sent to the parking guard.
  4. If the vehicle is removed, or if the alert is dealt with by the guard, it disappears.
  5. From U-Admin the manager can configure and monitor all system activity.