Smart Mobile Pedestrian Counters for Events

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Installation of PYRO – BOX SMART mobile pedestrian counters and associated training and licensing costs. The counters are capable of operating accurately and reliably in all weather conditions and of being re-located for specific events and locations as required.

The outputs from the pedestrian counters are capable of analysis remotely through a web based application in machine readable files including API capability to link with proposed open data dashboard. Counters have the ability to count pedestrian users on a path up to a width of circa 30 metres and are equipped with a data logger to enable GPRS data collection.

The counters have enabled Derry City and Strabane City Region to assess the impact of a number of initiatives in its Strategic Growth Plan which sets outs the way forward for all economic, social and growth for the city and district over the next 15 years. The counters have helped in monitoring progress towards strategic goals particularly those relating to tourism growth (festivals and events); health and environment/greenways and economic development eg. Economic regeneration impacts through capital build and public realm improvement. The counters also allowed for the ongoing monitoring of the Business Improvement District in Strabane. Organisations involved in the project included Derry City and Strabane District Council; Dept for Communities (Northern Ireland) and Traffic Tech Ltd (Supplier). The projects was funded from local government funds and support from Dept for Communities (Northern Ireland).

Pyro Box Adam Goodall

The PYRO-Box is an extremely sophisticated and versatile person counting system that is suitable to many applications. The PYRO-Box can count both cyclists and pedestrians in urban and trail environments and can be used for both temporary and permanent installations. Using a PYRO sensor with its passive-infrared , pyroelectric technology and a high-precision lens , the PYRO-Box counts people passing within the range of the sensor by detecting their body temperature. Due to its well-engineered sensor and innovative ORION algorithm, the PYRO-Box can simultaneously detect two people walking in a slightly staggered formation.
The PYRO-Box is easily moved to various counting locations and the sensor is self-calibrating making for a simple installation.

Relevant challenges

Derry City and Strabane City Region have over 100km of greenways in operation across the region. Monitoring of the use of the greenways was challenging and did not provide accurate data that could be used to encourage future policies to encourage a change in transportation to cycle/pedestrian use. The Pyro Box solution not only provided a mobile sensing solution that could be used to address these challenges but also allowed Derry City and Strabane District Council to monitor tourism/pedestrian traffic at key festival and events and was deployed in the Strabane Business Improvement District to provide actionable data on footfall for businesses.

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