Martel offers the Orchestra Cities IoT and Smart City platform, a Cloud-native, enterprise-strength solution that leverages and extends the FIWARE component baseline by adding, among others: • Multi-tenancy, to support groups of cities and towns working together for their common benefit • Advanced service orchestration and infrastructure-as-code with Kubernetes runtime and toolchain • QuantumLeap time-series database and API to build realtime historical records from the FIWARE context broker

Orchestra Cities was tested with several cities – Antwerp (Belgium), Helsinki (Finland) and Mexico City (Mexico) and is currently being adopted by Wolfsburg (Germany) and the EKZ multi-utility provider in the Canton of Zürich.

The smart city platform is a working example of leveraging IoT for the sustainable digital transformation of our society and economy. Measuring and achieving a better environment is aligned not only with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but with other multilateral agreements as well.

Orchestra Cities Deployments

The driving principles of Martel offering for Smart Cities include creating a space where different cities (or villages, or city districts) can come together and share the fractions of their data and services they find convenient. In a Cloud-native, multitenant environment, each city can choose which data to keep restricted to their tenancy and which ones to exchange with the other neighbours. Moreover, external data sources can be used and integrated with sensor data to provide insightful combinations to city stakeholders.

The key concept of openness is articulated by Martel within its offering in three major dimensions:

  • Open APIs. All platform features are made available to third parties through suitable gateways, and they are based on open and well documented data models (such as the ones from FIWARE) and concepts.
  • Open Data. Orchestra Cities can combine data streams from deployed sensors with a number of data sources made available from third parties. Likewise, time series and other data generated by the platform can be published to external data integrator and consumers as Open Data if desired.
  • Open Standards. At all levels of the software stack, the combination of superior quality and transparency of the open standards is leveraged to support high performance levels while not limiting the future option of our customers and new third parties joining the platform ecosystem.

The underlying model and methodology for Martel’s Orchestra Cities product is anchored in Open Source Software and Agile Software Development. Martel leads the development of specific open-source systems and components within the FIWARE space, while also participating to the evolution and improvement of several others.