Yggio - Digitalization Infrastructure Management System

Image provided by Sensative

Yggio acts as a real-time integration layer between services and connected assets, sensors, and networks, enabling multiple users and services to use data generated by both shared and private IoT devices.

Enterprises, cities, municipalities, property owners, service partners, and more use the Yggio capabilities to rapidly deliver new services and applications.

AI in Io T

Open APIs and Standards
APIs and data models are based on the FIWARE standard which minimizes lock-in effects.

Yggio already supports Z-wave, BACnet, M-Bus, LoRa, Bluetooth, LTE NB-IoT, and more, and new protocols are being added continuously.

Open to connect
Yggio's sharing mechanisms create a cross-functional infrastructure consisting of both private, shared and fully open IoT devices that can be used simultaneously by many different users and services.

Open and secure
All access to platforms, devices, and data is authenticated and meet GDPR's privacy protection requirements.