Air Quality and Noise Monitoring

Molina de Segura
Image provided by the City of Molina de Segura

The solution deployed measures pollutant gases categorized by The World Health Organization as harmful for human life: NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, O3 & H2S. In addition, they detect suspended particles as PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 (pollen and allergens). In addition, noise pollution is being monitored.

The inclusion of noise sensors allows the city to monitor noise pollution in the environment in real-time. These sensors are ROHS/CE certified. The gases and PM sensors have been calibrated in our laboratory, supported by the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, augmenting their lifetime and providing high-quality data.

Air quality and noise monitoring deployment

External weather stations such as Davis Instrument can be added to the Smart Spot to include weather forecast, rain, wind, radiation etc. To enhance the user experience, our devices provide configurable dashboards to show all the data in agile graphics and dashboards that help in the support for urban decision-making.

Air quality and noise monitoring deployment2

This urban tool allows real-time and time-series data, as well as secure sharing & cooperation, federating different data sources. HOPU has developed different plugins to improve the user experience according to several needs such as the following: · Pollution source detection · Urban Health (AQI2.0) · Pollens · Noise pollution

Air quality and noise monitoring deployment3