Precipitation portal - At all times at every site!

Nira.web® provides a web-based information portal that makes precipitation data available at any time and place.

The available data are prepared in a clear and comprehensive manner. A user-friendly evaluation displays the measurement series graphically. The precipitation series evaluated can be exported directly in Excel or CSV format, or they can be exported to third-party systems.

Additionally, the portal provides cartographic representation of the development of precipitation in Germany with checked 6-hour precipitation totals. 16 radar stations and more than 1,500 ground level measuring stations gather precipitation data and provide weather forecasts for up to 72 hours via special weather modules. This solution offers the geographical resolution around “1km x 1km”, and the precipitation data is fed into the system once every 5 minutes.

Furthermore, NiRA.web provides current information about precipitation and precipitation prognoses online directly to other software systems such as SCADA.web, KANiO via an OPC UA interface.

A particular advantage here is that the precipitation information can be transmitted online directly into the automation systems and can therefore be inserted into the automation as an additional process variable.

Nira.web® is a providing offer for precipitation data from HST and Kachelmannwetter. The data provided are obtained from radar images and calibrated using a dense network of conventional rain recorders.

This combination of radar and classic ground measuring network means that historical, current and forecast precipitation data can be made available for every location in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. This innovative technology offers decisive advantages for water management and flood protection.