Maptionnaire: Community Engagement Platform

Image provided by Mapita Oy

Maptionnaire is a map-based engagement tool which allows planners, researchers and anyone interested in geo-located data to receive qualitative input data from the community. The platform is web-based and is fully responsive on any device.

Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform bridges the gap between the city and its residents. With Maptionnaire, you can manage the entire public participation process in one place and get insights that enable cities to change.

Maptionnaire concept

At its core are the map-based tools for designing questionnaires, collecting data, and conveying information. Maptionnaire helps you to analyze, collaborate, report, and communicate about your engagement projects and plans with citizens and stakeholders, as well as with your colleagues.

We believe that efficient collaboration with citizens requires a digital heart. By enabling fun and easy community engagement, cities can become more livable and lovable!