Bagnes - Verbier

Bagnes - Verbier
Photo provided by city of Bagnes - Verbier

Bagnes - Verbier is located in the heart of the Swiss Alpine region. This rural city is well known from tourist with the giant ski resort of Verbier and not far away from the famous Grand-St-Bernard pass.

During the winter season, the city reaches more than 60'000 habitants. This number decreases to 10'000 during the rest of the year. It means the infrastructures (electricity, energy, water, heating systems, mobility, EV, e-mountain bikes) are under an enormous stress during the 4-5 peak months.

With global warming, the environment is under a major stress (glaciers, dam, water, agriculture, irrigation). This is the reason, the cities around Bagnes created an innovation pole for Water: BlueArk Entremont. Inside of this ecosystem, an OASC interoperable IoT platform has been created to transform data into intelligence and governance tools.

Our goal is to create partnerships with other OASC cities in the Alpine Alps.