Mobypark is the parking platform, which connects drivers to owners of parking and works on a commission basis. Additionally, Mobypark can fully automate access to the parking.

Within cities, Mobypark wants to optimise space by taking cars off the streets and into empty (private) parking. Mobypark makes cities smarter with accessible and reservable parking.

It is a proven concept, in which local owners of parking locations participate as we help to fill up their unused space and earn additional revenue. It is a way for these local companies and individuals to contribute to less traffic and parking on the streets. Everyone can be part of the community. Simultaneously, Mobypark helps drivers reserve parking in advance for a good price and give them easy access to the city.


In cities, people spend an average of 20 minutes a day searching for parking. Which causes unnecessary CO2 exhaustion. Through Mobypark it is possible to reserve upfront so that you know where to go immediately and do not have to spend that additional time on the road. With our latest state-of-the-art IoT and parking management systems, we streamline the entrance time to the parking and the management of it as well.

Besides the benefit of less search traffic, offering parking in the outskirts of the city further lessens travel and pollution in city centres as Mobypark promotes other sustainable last-mile solutions.

By sharing parking property, less new infrastructure needs to be built to be able to cater to parking demands. This means fewer new materials and congestion in creating new parking.