Shared Mobility Platform

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Start your own shared mobility project. Scooter, Bike or Car-sharing, with a couple of vehicles or a large fleet - in a few weeks you will become a shared mobility provider.

For municipal utilities
Build a digital bridge to new and existing customers through innovation and electric mobility.

For associations and communities
Offer more flexibility and a better quality of life for your fellow citizens.

Enterprise Sharing
You already established a comprehensive sharing network and you are looking for an agile platform.

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Clean air plan
By offering CO2-neutral shared vehicles, you’ll help your community reduce air pollution. In addition to environmentally friendly electric cars, kick scooters and bikes will greatly reduce emissions over short distances. These flexible vehicle offers are also attractive for tourists and business travellers.

An alternative to public transport and taxis
Practical experience shows that Shared Mobility is not in competition with public transport and taxis, but it coexists as a useful addition. The citizens and guests of your city will have additional flexibility and mobility with e-cars and the roads will be less congested due to e-bike transportation.